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Teen Behavior: What to Deal With, What Can Wait

by Jane Wangersky April 24th, 2015| Behavior, Teens
While trying to decide what teen behavior issue to focus on this time, I realized that in my mind I was dividing them into issues that really need attention -- to the point where they’re important enough to get an article -- and others that parents may worry over,
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Helping Teens See the Value in School Trips

by Jane Wangersky April 10th, 2015| Social, Teens
Your teen was probably pretty excited the first time they went on an overnight trip with a school group -- even if you were going along as a chaperone -- but after a couple of years, the novelty can wear off and teen world-weariness can set in. Staying home,

Teen’s Perspective on Chewing Gum in School

by Sam P. April 3rd, 2015| Teen Perspective, Teens
I 100% approve of chewing gum in school.  Perhaps not in elementary school or middle school, but in high school it is certainly a good idea.  In middle school and elementary school there was always the issues of getting gum on the floor and having it ground into the
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Teens: 3 Things You Didn’t Know Could Impair You

by Jane Wangersky March 27th, 2015| Safety, Teens
Everyone, parents and teens, knows that driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs -- even over-the-counter drugs -- is risky. But there are other ordinary issues and activities that can also impair someone to the point where they shouldn’t operate a vehicle. Parents may not be any more
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Teen’s Perspective on Reading

by Sam P. March 20th, 2015| Teen Perspective, Teens
I love reading.  Honestly, I can't remember a time in my life when I didn't enjoy reading.  My favorite thing about reading is that you can choose the minute details.  You get to picture exactly how everything looks and what each scene looks like.  It is like your own
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Being Safe This Spring Break

by Sam P. March 6th, 2015| Safety, Teens
As spring break quickly approaches, there are several things you need to remember, for starters don’t talk to strangers. You may think I’m joking, but I am not. In modern times there are so many ways for people to find out information about you, all they need is your name.
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Teen’s Perspective on MTV

by Sam P. February 20th, 2015| Entertainment, Teens
If I can be honest, I love a good reality TV show every once in a while, but one about teen pregnancies? Not so much.  Now, I may be called a hypocrite for saying this as I am not old enough to have ever watched MTV when it really
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Communicating With Teens About Sickness

by Jane Wangersky February 13th, 2015| Communication, Teens
It can be hard seeing a teen through flu season. Like anyone else who’s physically an adult, they’re vulnerable to all the nasty sicknesses going around, but they can be too easily embarrassed, or too independent, to admit something’s going wrong with their bodies. You’ll probably have a pretty
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How to Set Ground Rules with a Step-Sibling

by Sam P. February 6th, 2015| Teen Perspective, Teens
I love my step-siblings, don't get me wrong, but occasionally my stepsister doesn't know where to draw the line.  I hardly ever see her and am so grateful when she is able to come up and visit, but lately when she has been coming up she has been getting
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Get Your Teen’s Attention on Winter Safety

by Jane Wangersky January 30th, 2015| Safety, Teens
If you have a teen, you’ve probably done some worrying about him or her this winter. After all, teens are not typically the most careful members of the family. But you can’t be with them all the time, so you try to pass on what you’ve learned about staying
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Teen’s Perspective on Safe Winter Driving

by Sam P. January 23rd, 2015| Teen Perspective, Teens
Driving in the winter can be ever so dangerous, especially if you live as far north as I do.  Up here in New Hampshire we were recently hit with an arctic front and one day I got up and it was negative 7 degrees out.  That obviously will lead
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Teen’s Perspective on High School Parties

by Sam P. January 9th, 2015| Teen Perspective, Teens
In every high schooler's educational time period, they will land themselves in a high school party.  Some may go to more than others, and some may only go to one or two.  If you are worried that your child is going to a high school party where drugs and