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Teen’s Perspective on High School Parties

by Sam P. | January 9th, 2015 | Teen Perspective, Teens

teen girls (400x400)In every high schooler’s educational time period, they will land themselves in a high school party.  Some may go to more than others, and some may only go to one or two.  If you are worried that your child is going to a high school party where drugs and alcohol will be there, the most important thing to do is trust them.  Trust that if alcohol does show up, or if there are drugs there, that they will make the right decision and leave.

A few years ago I went to my friend’s house after a school event we had.  Both my mom and I knew her parents wouldn’t be there, and my mom was unsure whether or not to let me go because at the time the friend was dating a boy who was two years older than her and hung out with people who drank and smoked.  When we first arrived at her house before the event, her boyfriend and his friends were already there.  I started to get worried but didn’t stress about it.  He was our ride to the school and claimed to be just setting up a fire for us for after we got back.  When we arrived back at her house we could hear music from the street, and I knew my worst fears had come true.  I took one step into the house and knew that he and his friend had not only never left, but they were also drinking.  My brother who had been at the school event, as well, had warned me that this would happen and offered me a ride home.  Knowing that he was still out with friends, I called him for a ride home.

I didn’t tell you about this because I think every kid should be an honor citizen and never ever drink, I told you to show you how important trust is.  My mom now will let me go out on New Year’s Eve and stay over a friend of a friend’s house that she doesn’t know, well, because she trusts that if something goes awry that I will call her, or, only if I’m ok to drive, drive myself home.

If you are a kid that wants to go out and have fun, you need to gain your parents’ trust first.  Of course, start slow; don’t just randomly ask to go sleep over someone’s house you barely know. But start with staying at a very trusted friend’s house without parents there, and then slowly work your way up to going with him to a friend’s of his house.  Eventually your parents will give you enough trust so that you can go out to parties without them worrying that you won’t call if something bad happens, or that you’re out doing drugs.

To be honest, high school parties aren’t all they’ve been cracked up to be.  Usually a girl ends up throwing up, someone has sex with a random person upstairs, and you sit on the couch bored all night. (I do not know this from experience, I know this from friends who have gone to parties – don’t worry, mom.)

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