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Teen’s Perspective on Difficult Friends

by Sam P. | May 1st, 2015 | Teen Perspective, Teens

teen girls (400x400)We all have that one friend that never gets the hint. Whether they are just way too over the top in public, or don’t understand that not everyone has that much money to spend, we all have that one friend who is just oblivious to everything.  Of course, despite how difficult they are, you can’t help but love them. There are a few ways to deal with them, and one of them is downright brutal honesty. We try to avoid that though, because sometimes blatant honesty can be a bit too harsh.

Always try to make subtle hints at first. If they are too over the top in public, perhaps suggest to them that you wish everyone had such courage to be so shameless in public. Very kind, but it may help to get the point across that they are acting a tad ridiculous. If they are at a point where you don’t even want to be in public with them, it may be time to talk to them. Don’t have a large group of people do it or they may feel as they are being attacked. Sit down with them and explain that you love how courageous and fun they are, but sometimes it can be a tad too much. Worst comes to worst, you can choose to just hang out in private scenarios with said friend. If this seems too harsh for you, you can also go the opposite way with it and being as ridiculous as they are. If they find you embarrassing and talk to you about it, mention to them that they act the same way and you can come to a happy mutual understanding.

If you have a friend who does not seem to understand that not everyone has cash laying around, take a different approach and try to avoid expensive scenarios. If your friends and you want to go out, suggest less expensive things to do. If you always end up driving, you can ask for gas money as well. This is an easier scenario to be honest about, though. Simply explain that you do not have the money to afford such an event and request you do something else. The only difficult thing is that your friends may decide to still partake in their adventure without you.

Friends can be difficult, but when it comes down to it, they are your friends and you can’t live without them. If your friends are ridiculous in public, you can either embrace it and join them, or be completely honest. And if you can’t afford the things your friends usually do you can either explain that you can’t afford it, or pick up some extra hours at work so you can join in.

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