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End of Summer Checklist

by Sam P. | August 29th, 2012 | Teen Perspective, Teens

It is almost that time again, school! Nobody wants it to come, but at the same time we are all secretly wishing for it to come quick. And most of us are wishing this so we can see our friends. But in our last few days of summer, check off this summer checklist and see how successful your summer was.

  1. Go to the beach at least once with a friend.
  2. Go to a concert.
  3. See fireworks, preferably over body of water.
  4. Have a neighborhood barbeque.
  5. Ride your bike with no hands and sing the “I Can Ride My Bike With No Handlebars” song.
  6. Play a neighborhood game of kickball.
  7. Go to a pool party.
  8. Catch fireflies.
  9. Have your first kiss.
  10. Have a summer relationship.
  11. Play chicken in a pool with a bunch of friends.
  12. Get some kind of paying job. (Whether it be mowing lawns, serving people at McDonald’s, or writing online, as long as it pays.)
  13. Get a look changing haircut that takes off at least three inches.
  14. Dye your hair. (Semi-permanent hair color is accepted.) (Girls only!)
  15. Get together a neighborhood game of baseball, basketball, manhunt, or whatever you like.
  16. Go on a spur of the moment road trip.
  17. Go to the mall and have a shopping spree on only on-sale items with your friends.
  18. Go to a theme park at least once with your friends.
  19. Sleep under the stars.
  20. Pull an all nighter.
  21. Go to the movies.
  22. Go to a midnight movie premiere.
  23. Travel out of state.
  24. For a whole day, only walk or bike places. Don’t take a motor vehicle anywhere!
  25. Volunteer at a local animal shelter.
  26. Paint your room without professional help.
  27. Do Mentos and coke.
  28. Go bowling.
  29. Have a food fight.
  30. Have a mall scavenger hunt.
  31. Have a bonfire.
  32. Get random people to sign your shirt.
  33. Climb a tree.
  34. Plank on the top of a fence.
  35. Freeze a water balloon and peel off the balloon.
  36. Have a water balloon fight.
  37. Run through the rain in bathing suits.
  38. Find a random dry patch where it is not raining and stand in it during a rainstorm.
  39. Sell lemonade.
  40. Make completely homemade sundaes, and that includes the ice cream and whipped cream.
  41. Say only yes to everything for a day.
  42. Make a meal with only a bonfire.
  43. Pay for something completely in pennies.
  44. Lie in the grass and just watch the clouds drift by.
  45. Put together a 1,000 piece puzzle.
  46. Go on a hike.
  47. Go stargazing.
  48. Learn how to dive.
  49. Have a neighborhood car wash.
  50. Play paintball.

And that was my summer bucket list, and shockingly I did a decent amount of it this summer. But luckily my school starts late this year so I have an extra week to do some of the stuff I haven’t.

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