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When Do You Pick Out Your Clothes?

by Sam P. | September 12th, 2012 | Teen Perspective, Teens

Now that I am in high school, I find myself doing something that I used to do in kindergarten and elementary school: picking my outfits out the night before.  It makes my mornings so much easier!  Say I run late one morning, I don’t have to worry about trying to pick out an outfit in time.  Guys may not understand the importance of properly picking out an outfit, but most girls will.  Here are my rules for picking out outfits.

  1. Always pick the outfit out the night before.
  2. If you are wearing skinny jeans, don’t wear a skin tight t-shirt.  You need all proportions to be even.  Wear a flowy, or baby-doll t-shirt with skinny jeans.
  3. If you do want to wear a skin-tight t-shirt, wear jeans that are a bit looser, like a  boot cut, flare, or boyfriend cut.
  4. I’m sorry, but sweatpants and fancy shirts DO NOT mix well.  About half my friends try to make that combination work at least once a week, but it just doesn’t.  And neither do sweat pants tucked into boots like Uggs.
  5. Skinny pants tucked into boots, although, do work and work well.  You can also tuck them into cowboy boots, but remember to wear a flowy shirt.  One of my favorite outfits following this rule specifically is a red, green, and brown plaid flannel shirt with cream skinny jeans tucked into brown cowboy boots with a small heel.
  6. Cardigans always work.  And even if they are clingier they work well with skinny jeans because they open in the front.  One outfit that I wear frequently is a longer pink cardigan with a light gray camisole and a skinny gray belt around the waist.  I tuck the camisole into a pair of skinny jeans and tuck the jeans into a pair of black ankle boots, with tons of zippers and buckles, that have a chunky heel.
  7. Sweaters work well too,  just make sure they aren’t too bulky because they add major poundage if they are too thick.
  8. Sweater dresses are also very in this season; they pair perfectly with leggings, boots, and a belted waist.
  9. Peplum skirts are very chic, and if your hips are on the slimmer side, they add more of an hour glass shape to your frame.
  10. Heels are always in, but make sure you don’t overdo them.  I normally don’t wear a pair of pumps or slingbacks to school unless I am dressing up.  Although you can wear them as much as you like if you do them in a boot, that way it hides it more so you don’t overdo it.

With these rules you will most certainly be the best dressed girl in your school, and when you pick it out the night before, you won’t be missing the bus every week.

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