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Homecoming Dresses

by Sam P. | October 25th, 2012 | Teen Perspective, Teens

Now some of you may have already had your school’s homecoming dance, or just aren’t having one, but some of you may not have. My school’s homecoming dance is this Saturday, and I am psyched! But the difficult thing about homecoming is nobody ever knows just how fancy, or casual, to dress. You don’t want to show up in a black tie prom gown and feel overdressed, but you don’t want to show up in some summery sun dress and feel underdressed. I say go semi-formal. For men a pair of dress pants, a button down, and a tie. For women it is a bit more difficult.

The perfect semi-formal dress would be a LBD (little black dress). This means a length around the knee. Don’t go below the knee, that just looks tacky, and floor length is too dressed up. The shortest possible length I would advise is probably five inches from the center of the knee cap. This means it still adheres to dress code, isn’t skanky, but isn’t that awkward length that hits the back of your knees whenever you dance. And you still have about five inches of free range of length. As for straps, go wild. One shoulder, thick straps, thin straps, no straps, multiple spaghetti straps, as long as your chest isn’t going everywhere you should be fine. The material should probably be either satin, silk, cashmere, or velvet.

Shoes are another tricky topic. I suggest anywhere from medium to high height. This means about two and a half inches to five inches. Over five inches becomes difficult to walk, let alone dance, in. Some flats are also acceptable, just not flip-flops or sneakers.

If you have any weight issues a good material to smooth out any lumps is a rayon spandex. It immediately sucks in all imperfections and gives you a perfect hourglass figure. My greatest suggestion to girls with heftier chests is a halter top with thick straps. And the complete opposite for girls with smaller chests, go strapless or spaghetti straps. If you do have a larger chest, that doesn’t mean you have to completely veto strapless dresses. Use a strapless bra that has REMOVABLE STRAPS and find straps that are sequined and match your dress. If you can’t find them, do it yourself. The worst thing to have to be doing all night is pulling your dress up and pushing your chest back inside it.

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