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Reinforcing Preschool Lessons

by T Akery January 27th, 2012| Preschool
Your child's preschool teaches colors, numbers and letters. But the time they spend teaching your child these important school-ready concepts is much shorter than most parents think. This is because there are also other lessons that your preschool has to incorporate that take up valuable time, such as arranging

Healthy Weight Week

by Lori Sciame January 11th, 2012| Preschool
Perfect timing. Right after the holidays, and during the dead of winter, health officials plan to celebrate Healthy Weight Week. It's a health observance that's pretty much self-explanatory, right? And it's a great time for parents take the time to think about their children's weight, and whether they can

Fundraising for Your Preschool

by T Akery December 29th, 2011| Preschool
At various times of the year, your Preschool is going to have fundraisers. In a way, this is preparing you for your child's future school life. Fundraisers are one of the never ending requests that all schools make. Unfortunately for parents, fundraising at this age is completely your responsibility.


Santa Can’t Deliver Flying Ponies!

by Lori Sciame December 8th, 2011| Preschool
Great expectations. That's what preschoolers have when it comes to gifts from Santa. Take my oldest son, for example. One Christmas he asked Santa for the Taj Mahal. You know, the colossal building located in India? As you can imagine, Santa did his best to fulfill a young child's

Volunteering at Your Child’s Preschool

by T Akery November 30th, 2011| Preschool
Preschools love their parent volunteers. They help teachers supervise field trips, help with parties, and help with the smaller tasks that teachers need to do but can't get to without outside help. Volunteering at your preschool has a few advantages for parents too.

Before you show up at your child's

Cold Day Fun

by Lori Sciame November 16th, 2011| Preschool
When the temperature dips below zero, and the wind chill feels like minus 20 degrees outside, what can you do to keep your preschooler busy (and happy)? It takes some effort, but I learned that with a little creativity, you can make cherished memories with your young ones on

The Preschool Field Trip

by T Akery November 4th, 2011| Preschool
Depending on your preschool, your child may someday take a field trip. For parents, there is definitely some apprehension. There is just so much to worry about. This is one of the few times that you have to completely trust the school to transport your child, watch them, and

Snack Suggestions for Preschool

by T Akery October 6th, 2011| Preschool
Snacks are a part of attending preschool. Unfortunately, it is up to the parents to provide the snacks. It is sometimes very hard to know what to bring. After all, there might be allergies to avoid and some children don't like certain things. It makes the choices for snack

Fall Fun with Your Preschooler

by Lori Sciame October 3rd, 2011| Preschool
Fall offers lots of opportunities to bond with your preschooler while having both an enjoyable and educational adventure. From apple orchards, to local museums, there's plenty to do - just you two! Don't underestimate the value of one-on-one time with your child; he or she will appreciate having your

Solving Dressing Dilemmas

by Lori Sciame September 9th, 2011| Preschool
Do you have a pre-schooler who hates getting dressed in the morning? Does he or she veto every outfit you pick out, and run screaming whenever you approach with a brush? If you do, don't despair, you are not alone. Many parents have spirited children that make the morning

Preschool Homework for Parents

by T Akery September 8th, 2011| Preschool
Homework is a dirty word for most students. Ever since its inception, it has been a force that both parents and kids dread. But for parents, the homework actually starts in preschool. The assignments seem endless and repetitive but it is all a part of getting prepared for what

Paper Dolls

by T Akery August 31st, 2011| Helpful Hints, Preschool
Paper dolls are a very old school toy that has never really gone out of style for little girls. Even now, little girls are just as fascinated with the concept as they were years ago.

Paper dolls started out relatively modestly. They were a creative and cheap way to give