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Fundraising for Your Preschool

by T Akery | December 29th, 2011 | Preschool

At various times of the year, your Preschool is going to have fundraisers. In a way, this is preparing you for your child’s future school life. Fundraisers are one of the never ending requests that all schools make. Unfortunately for parents, fundraising at this age is completely your responsibility.

Get a head start by finding out exactly what your Preschool’s fundraisers are. Not all of the fundraisers are going to appeal to you. If you do see something that piques your interest, then you can budget the funds ahead of time. Sometimes, you can volunteer your time helping out with the fundraisers rather than donating funds.

Approach friends and family with your fundraisers cautiously. Instead of asking all of them, rotate the people who you ask. Pick the people who would be the most interested in that particular fundraiser. Remember, you have many school years of fundraising projects ahead. It is easier for relatives to buy something if they aren’t constantly asked every single time a fundraiser comes around.

Remember,also, you don’t have to buy products on every single fundraiser either. This is the quickest way to blow your budget for school. There is no stigma attached to not selling anything, especially at this time in your child’s school life.

Volunteering for school fundraisers is a way to contribute something besides funds. Before you commit, check your schedule. You may need to arrange ahead of time for a babysitter if you have younger ones in the house. This will allow you to concentrate on the fundraiser instead of chasing after younger siblings. Just a word of warning, not all parents will be on time for their scheduled shift, so make sure you schedule yourself extra time in case you get stuck.

Preschool fundraisers are just one of those things that come along with the start of your child’s school year. They can be a pain and put a crimp in your budget. The trick is to just pick the stuff you like, rotate the people you ask, and volunteer when you can. This way you can still contribute to your Preschool without burning out.

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