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Archives for October 2015

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Teen’s Perspective on College Application Safety

by Sam P. October 30th, 2015| School, Teens
It is that time of year.  We, seniors, are applying to college, if we have not already, and it is quite nerve wracking.  College applications (both undergrad and graduate) are a stressful thing, so it is always good to be prepared for what lies ahead.  From how many schools
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3 Ways to Have Fun and to Build Character in Tweens

by Lori Sciame October 29th, 2015| Entertainment, Tweens
Tweens have a seemingly endless supply of energy and enthusiasm. Take advantage of these positive qualities by enlisting their help with volunteer efforts. You will not only be keeping your child entertained, you will be helping him or her to build character.  While some might argue that volunteering cannot
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4 Benefits of Infant Tummy Time

by Marnie Bii October 26th, 2015| Development, Infants/Toddlers
Infants benefit from tummy time far before they start gearing up to scoot or crawl at around six months of age. In fact, you can start holding regular tummy time sessions as soon as your infant can hold up his or her head for a few seconds at a
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Communicating With Your Tween

by Gary Hays October 22nd, 2015| Communication, Tweens
The tween years are awkward for kids. They are slowly surrendering their beloved childhood, yet sometimes are reluctant and apprehensive about crossing that full-fledged teenager line. Generally, this apprehension to forge forward can be contributed to a fear of the unknown, so the transition is many times a gradual
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: Common Contact Lens Complications (& How to Avoid Them)

by Editorial Team October 22nd, 2015| Teens
Wearing contact lenses isn’t as straightforward as it may seem. When you buy contacts from online retailers like Lens.com, there are precautions you will need to take in order to keep your eyes healthy. Following a daily cleaning regimen and using the contact solution recommended by your eye
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Positive Reinforcement and Behavior Issues

by Joe Lawrence October 21st, 2015| Behavior, Elementary
Behavior issues seem to be the constant issue that parents face on a regular basis. Kids are awesome and can make you feel you so proud when they do great things. However, they can also make you feel like a failure when you are not able to get them
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The Importance of Pretend Play for Preschoolers

by Marnie Bii October 20th, 2015| Behavior, Preschool
As your preschooler insists on changing her name for the 100th time this week, you might wonder about the benefits of engaging in pretend play sessions. Preschoolers actually explore their world internally by initiating this type of imaginative play. They may try out new personas, act out different scenarios
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How to: Start Teaching Kids about the Beautiful Game

by Editorial Team October 18th, 2015| Elementary
Have you ever watched football coaches standing on the side lines of important games? They’ll hop on the spot, bellow to players and turn red as spittle flies from their mouths. In essence, they are the most ferocious armchair football players in the world.

Now look at how the manager

Teen’s Perspective on Halloween

by Sam P. October 16th, 2015| Teen Perspective, Teens

I love Halloween.  I always have.  As a little kid, it was the excitement of trick or treating and now it still is.  (Don't worry, I stopped my sophomore year.)  There are often football games or dances or parties to attend and it is always so much


3 Tips on Halloween Behavior: Tweens

by Lori Sciame October 15th, 2015| Behavior, Tweens
Most tweens embrace the fun and frivolity of Halloween. It's the one time of year they can morph into someone else, and be paid in candy for successfully completing this transformation.  Thus, tweens highly anticipate the arrival of Halloween night with its time honored tradition of trick or treating.  As a

Goblins, Ghosts, and Ghouls!

by Gary Hays October 14th, 2015| Elementary, Seasonal

Goblins, ghosts, and ghouls! Traditionally quiet neighborhood streets are about to be placed under siege by throngs of costume wearing youngsters in their quest at filling their trick or treat bags to the rim. In the excitement of them zig-zagging across streets, more mindful of which house to descend