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Goblins, Ghosts, and Ghouls!

by Gary Hays | October 14th, 2015 | Elementary, Seasonal


Goblins, ghosts, and ghouls! Traditionally quiet neighborhood streets are about to be placed under siege by throngs of costume wearing youngsters in their quest at filling their trick or treat bags to the rim. In the excitement of them zig-zagging across streets, more mindful of which house to descend upon next than paying attention to their surroundings, safety is paramount.

Ultimately, parents need to assure their child will be clearly seen in the darkness of the night. One way this can be accomplished is by making certain your child’s costume is not totally dark and has some bright color to it. A flamboyant gypsy or brightly colored pirate costume will make certain they are seen.

Glow sticks, readily available at many retailers, are a must. They are easy to carry and your child may even have fun making swirls with them in the darkness. Reflective tape either applied somewhere on their costume if possible or at least stuck on their trick or treat bag is also recommended. The point once again: Make sure your child is seen!

There is safety in numbers. Let’s face it, it is much easier for a motorist to notice a group of kids rather than just one or two, and the more kids in a group, the more fun they are going to have anyway. Parents may wish to consider hosting a pre-trick or treat party for the kids in the neighborhood, gathering them all in one spot and then turning them lose as a group.

Whether your child decides they prefer soloing it or going with a group, one thing to make certain of is that there is plenty of adult supervision. Since the kids are going to be enthralled in the moment, as a rule of thumb, there should always be at least one adult per four children.

Instead of letting your kids run across yards between one house and the next where it might be too easy to lose track of them, have them go to a door and then meet you back by the street curb before proceeding to the next house. Especially if the street is crowded, this will make certain you don’t lose sight of them. This will also prevent them from tripping over any objects which may be in the yard such as lawn sprinklers.

Simply use common sense this Halloween. You want your child to have as much fun as they possibly can, but not at the expense of their safety. A bit of precaution will ensure they have just as much fun as you did when you were the one going door-to-door for candy, not all that long ago.

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