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: Common Contact Lens Complications (& How to Avoid Them)

by Editorial Team | October 22nd, 2015 | Teens

hair and eyeWearing contact lenses isn’t as straightforward as it may seem. When you buy contacts from online retailers like, there are precautions you will need to take in order to keep your eyes healthy. Following a daily cleaning regimen and using the contact solution recommended by your eye doctor will help to prevent most of the risks involved when wearing lenses like any irritation or infection. However, different complications can arise that vary in severity.


One of the most common occurrences for contact lens wearers is dryness. This can be caused by a variety of reasons from a lack of oxygen reaching your eye to contact solution that is not suited for your eye. Fortunately, this issue can be easily fixed. Lubricating drops, trying a different contact solution, or even getting refitted for new lenses can help alleviate dryness.

Another issue that can arise from oxygen deprivation to your eye is Contact Lens Overwear Syndrome, or tight lens syndrome. If you decide to wear your lenses overnight or for a longer period than recommended in order to extend the life of your lens, then deposits can develop on the lens itself causing irritation that can lead to infection. Practicing healthy hygiene habits for contact lens care and removing them as prescribed will help to prevent this condition from happening.

Corneal Abrasions

A corneal abrasion, which is a scratch on the cornea of your eye, can also occur in lens wearers. When inserting or removing your contact lens, always use the soft tip of your index finger because using your nail or any sharp instrument like a tweezer could nick your eye causing this type of abrasion. Constant friction from an ill-fitting lens can also lead to this complication, so it’s important that if you are feeling any discomfort at all that you remove the lens immediately in order to avoid worsening the situation. While minor corneal abrasions generally heal on their own within a few days, you may also need to be treated with antibiotic drops or ointments in order to block potential infection. If not taken care of properly more serious and permanent damage to your vision can occur.

Bacterial Keratitis

Another complication that can develop on your cornea is an infection known as bacterial keratitis. This condition can be quite serious and can lead to complete loss of vision in the eye it is infecting if left untreated. Some common symptoms of bacterial keratitis are pain, redness, blurred vision, light sensitivity, or discharge from your eye, so if you experience any of these symptoms remove your lenses immediately and contact your eye doctor. Like the other conditions mentioned, good cleaning habits that are practiced daily and not wearing your contact lenses for an extended period of time will help you to avoid this serious infection and others.

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