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Archives for April 2016

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No TV Week from a Teen’s Perspective

by Sam P. April 29th, 2016| Seasonal, Teens
Personally, I think no TV week is a fantastic idea.  As a society we have become so caught up with technology, it tends to take over our lives.  I have several friends that will stay up far later than they should on a school night because they are on their
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How to Help Your Tween Survive No TV Week

by Michele April 28th, 2016| Seasonal, Tweens
If you're a tween reading this article, you probably have the answer already. It's easy to survive No TV Week. Simply use your tablet. Or phone. Or laptop. However, that isn't the point of No TV Week. And the actual title of the week is No Screen Week. Now, how
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Bring Out the Board Games Instead of TV

by Tania Cowling April 27th, 2016| Elementary, Seasonal
Each year a national initiative aims to make turning off the television a rewarding experience. It’s a time to help families reconnect and children rediscover the simple joys of activities other than digital entertainment. Screen-free week varies from April to May, with 2016’s week from May 2-8. I say, why
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A Week without Television

by Joe Lawrence April 26th, 2016| Preschool, Seasonal
Wouldn’t it be nice to go a whole week without the children watching television? I have thought this a lot over the past couple of years. Then I thought about why I would stop at just the TV. Why not all devices?

It saddens me greatly to see how attached people
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Turn Off the TV and Play Some Baby Games

by Tania Cowling April 25th, 2016| Infants/Toddlers, Seasonal
Some parents use the television as a baby sitter ,and I admit I have done this myself when trying to tidy up the house. Yes, the noise and conversation sometime soothe a baby, and kiddie shows stimulate toddlers. Now, I’m not saying your little one can never watch television, but

Teen Safety on the Job: The Laws

by Jane Wangersky April 22nd, 2016| Safety, Teens
Last summer, I got a call from the temp agency my son had signed up with -- they had just then realized he was under 18. That was okay, as long as I sent in a note saying he had my permission to work. But it goes to show that

Home Alone: A New Experience

by Michele April 21st, 2016| Safety, Tweens
Somewhere during the middle school years your child may want to stay home alone. Whether it be while you run a quick trip to the grocery store or for a short period of time between the end of the school day and an adult coming home from work, your tween

Bullies are Easily Handled

by Joe Lawrence April 20th, 2016| Elementary, Safety
“If he does it again, hit him and he will stop.” This is the advice many of us received as youth while discussing the school bully. For many generations the way to deal with bullies was to out-maneuver them or to stand up to them. Thankfully, there are much better

Protect Your Child From Zoonotic Diseases

by Tania Cowling April 19th, 2016| Preschool, Safety
Did you know that your pet might cause your child to get sick? Are you aware of zoonotic diseases that are transmitted from animals to humans? These maladies range from bacteria to viruses and internal and external parasites to fungal infections. Since having a pet (dogs and cats are the
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The Lowdown on Lead

by Tania Cowling April 18th, 2016| Infants/Toddlers, Safety
Lead in water supplies has been trending in the news, but did you know that lead could be found in other materials, too? And the CDC (Center for Disease Control) says that there is no safe lead level for children. From the time a fetus is in utero, lead poisoning
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Teen’s Perspective on Procrastination

by Sam P. April 15th, 2016| Social, Teens
While it is true that everyone procrastinates, it seems to be getting worse, especially within the teen society, I being no exception.  I am currently writing this article past when it was due, and while I got an extension and cannot remember the last time I turned in an article
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Tween Outings- Teaching Responsibility

by Michele April 14th, 2016| Social, Tweens
As your child enters the tween years, he is going to want to spend more time with friends. A lot of this will be spent hanging out at one of their houses- shooting baskets, playing PS4 games, or streaming tv shows. Those are the easy and inexpensive get-togethers. All you
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