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Archives for 2011

Making New Year’s Memories

by Lori Sciame December 30th, 2011| Elementary
Children love family rituals. This is especially true of New Year's Eve. My best memories of this exciting time involve watching Dick Clark's Rockin New Year's Eve with my favorite cousin. We also played board games such as Monopoly or Life, and the night usually included a rousing card

Fundraising for Your Preschool

by T Akery December 29th, 2011| Preschool
At various times of the year, your Preschool is going to have fundraisers. In a way, this is preparing you for your child's future school life. Fundraisers are one of the never ending requests that all schools make. Unfortunately for parents, fundraising at this age is completely your responsibility.


Dealing with After-Christmas Chaos

by T Akery December 28th, 2011| Infants/Toddlers
The after-Christmas chaos is a rough time for toddlers. The main reason is that toddlers are simply overwhelmed. Christmas brought in a plethora of wrapped toys, candy, and cookies. All the excitement combined with sugar can overload them on that day. Unfortunately, the aftermath of Christmas day is simply

Homework: From the Teen’s View

by Jacob P. December 26th, 2011| Teen Perspective, Teens
I don't want to toot my own horn here, but I am a good student. So far, halfway into my sophomore year I have all A's and one B+. I also maintain a 4.14 GPA, which is in between an A and an A+ at my high school. I

Public Speaking

by Ronald A. Rowe December 23rd, 2011| Elementary, Helpful Hints
Sometimes, you try everything you can think of to inspire or educate your child and it still doesn't work. But sometimes -- not so often, but sometimes -- you stumble on something by accident that really gets the job done.

My ten-year-old son is a fearless public speaker. He'll get

Terrific Gifts for Toddlers

by Lori Sciame December 22nd, 2011| Infants/Toddlers
The holiday season always seems more magical when you have a little one to share it with. Nothing beats the awe in a child's eyes the first time they see the glowing lights on the Christmas tree, or when they realize that colorful presents placed before them contain toys

Teen Perspective: Celebrating Culture/Traditions

by Louise December 21st, 2011| Teen Perspective
If your family has some tradition other than the typical "American" ones, cherish them. Don't get me wrong, I love all of the American holidays and the aspects that go with them, but there's something about having a special holiday that no one else celebrates (in close proximity) that

The Nook

by T Akery December 19th, 2011| Product reviews
The Nook is a handheld book reader device that offers a lot of different features. Since this site is about kids, this review is for the applications that kids would find interesting. However, it is not something that your kids should play with unsupervised unless they are mature and

Tween Advice on Music

by Sam P. December 16th, 2011| Tweens
OK, you may think I'm crazy, but I believe that music really resembles who you are. I listen to a large variety of music, from dubstep, to the Beatles, to Taylor Swift, to classical music. I, also, truly believe that listening to a wide variety of music broadens your

Don’t Squash Exploration

by Lori Sciame December 15th, 2011| Elementary
"Watch out!" "Be careful." "Don't run!"

These directions can literally be lifesavers for elementary age children. For instance, a visit to the Grand Canyon would make any parent extra vigilant where his or her child is concerned. Too close to the edge and the consequences would be devastating. Yet, some

Dieting: From the Teen’s View (Part 1)

by Jacob P. December 14th, 2011| Teen Perspective
I don't think it is necessary for most kids to arbitrarily diet. Dieting can be unhealthy and stressful for kids and teens. There are situations where dieting is an important step to take, for one reason or another. So, I thought I would write about what I think about

Toddlers and Candy

by T Akery December 12th, 2011| Infants/Toddlers
The candy season gets its official kickoff at Halloween. From there, it is a never-ending deluge until after Easter. Then it slows down momentarily only to spike again on summer birthdays. Then the whole cycle starts all over again. Toddlers want as much of it as they can get