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Toddlers and Candy

by T Akery | December 12th, 2011 | Infants/Toddlers

The candy season gets its official kickoff at Halloween. From there, it is a never-ending deluge until after Easter. Then it slows down momentarily only to spike again on summer birthdays. Then the whole cycle starts all over again. Toddlers want as much of it as they can get their hands on. They want it all day long and for supper. The trouble comes in when candy is all they want.

Sure, there are days you can let them indulge to their heart’s content. Of course, there should be some balance on those days with healthy snacks or making sure they eat their vegetables before letting them have at it. Halloween and Christmas are prime examples of those indulgent days.

In the meantime, you do want to limit their candy intake. There is different advice on whether not letting them have any candy is good or bad. As parents, you should decide how much they can handle on any given day. This limit may change depending on their mood and behavior. Some days, toddlers can be so wired up that candy can hurt the situation rather than help it. Some days, you might dole it out as a reward for eating all of their vegetables.

But candy is certainly one thing toddlers argue about. It is nearly impossible to dole out equal portions even if it is the same type of candy and in the same size packaging. The number one way to end an argument like this is to threaten to take it away. That usually stops any argument. But if it doesn’t, take the candy away. It is one lesson that toddlers will quickly pick up.

Avoid giving in every time your toddler asks for it. This is especially true, if they hit their limit for the day. You will likely get some kind of tantrum. However, it is important that they learn that they won’t get everything they ask for.

At the end of the day, help them brush their teeth. It is important to get all of that sugar off of their teeth before they go to bed. This will save you on the dental bills when the season of candy rolls around again.

Candy isn’t necessarily a bad thing for toddlers to have every once in awhile. But with such a long candy season, it is important to keep an eye on how much they have eaten. Yes, it is a time of year to be dreaded, but it can be managed if you establish the boundaries on candy.

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