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Terrific Gifts for Toddlers

by Lori Sciame | December 22nd, 2011 | Infants/Toddlers

The holiday season always seems more magical when you have a little one to share it with. Nothing beats the awe in a child’s eyes the first time they see the glowing lights on the Christmas tree, or when they realize that colorful presents placed before them contain toys and other treasures – just for them.

Although Christmas is almost here, there’s still time to buy just one more perfect gift for that special toddler in your life. Check out the gift ideas below; they are tried and true.

1. Santa’s Cookie Plate
For an infant or a very young toddler, a special plate for Santa’s cookies makes a great gift. Specialty shops offer lots of choices when it comes to this type of keepsake. Last Christmas I purchased my one month-old God-daughter one of these plates (with her mother’s permission), and this Christmas she is old enough to place the cookies on the plate for Santa by herself. She may not fully understand the ritual, but this plate will be something her family will use for lots of years to come.

2. Festive Apron/Baking Supplies
I often purchase a cute holiday themed apron for the toddlers in my life. Together with the apron, I include jar mixes for either cookies or brownies. The Internet offers literally dozens of recipes to concoct in mason jars, with directions included. Another idea would be to include a mini rolling pin and several large cookie cutters. With these items and mom or dad’s help, the toddler will be able to contribute to the family festivities by baking something delicious.

3. Art Supplies
A plastic or other durable container filled with age appropriate art supplies is always a favorite with toddlers. You can include colorful paper, stickers, stamping materials, glitter, glue, and blunt end scissors. Stores such as Michael’s or JoAnn Fabrics sell numerous items that would fit perfectly in an art kit suitable for any budding Picasso.

4. Bath Toys
Another hit with toddlers is an assortment of items for bath time. Of course there are great bath toys, but if the child is old enough, you can also include fun soaps and even lotions. In the past, I have found fun wash cloths that look like animals to include with the toys as well. Most children I know love to play with water, and toys that capitalize on this fact make great gifts; however, make sure they are made specifically for this age group, to avoid any choking hazards.

5. Books
OK, I know I push the benefits of reading/literacy in many of my posts, and Christmas gift giving is no exception. This year I found awesome board books for my cousin’s twin girls. They are colorful, and they have simple words for budding readers. As with the cookie plate, high quality books will be used year after year. For example, each Christmas Eve, our family still reads the copy of The Night Before Christmas I bought for the oldest when he was two.

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