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Tween Advice on Music

by Sam P. | December 16th, 2011 | Tweens

OK, you may think I’m crazy, but I believe that music really resembles who you are.  I listen to a large variety of music, from dubstep, to the Beatles, to Taylor Swift, to classical music.  I, also, truly believe that listening to a wide variety of music broadens your horizons on many things, from who you hang out with, to even your intelligence.  But, you shouldn’t listen to something you don’t enjoy to get in good with someone.  You should do what you want and listen to what you want.

You also shouldn’t be listening to anything too vulgar.  Now, I’m not saying you can’t hear swears or inappropriate language, but if in the radio/edited version you can barely tell what the person is trying to say because so many words are bleeped out . . .  E.g., the song “Drop the World” by Lil Wayne; I don’t think this song has ever been played on the radio because the lyrics would be so hard to bleep out.  Here is a line from the song : “The spot gets smaller and I get bigger, trying to get in where I fit in, no room for a n***a but soon for a n***a it be on mu’f****r cause all this bulls**t have made me strong, muf****r.”  Honestly, parents of the world, why the heck do you let your children listen to this stuff?  It is inappropriate for young children, and yes they all say that they aren’t young, but honestly they are! Even I, at 8th grade, shouldn’t be listening to something like this and I don’t, nor do I want to.  Now yeah, I may know all of those words, but it still doesn’t make right to listen to something like this.  If you ask me, you shouldn’t be able to listen to a song like that until you are out of the house.  I personally think there should be a law against creating songs that are so bad that, when edited for the radio, you can’t tell what the person is saying because of all the bleeped-out swears.

Now, I am only a teenager, so I really have no right telling parents how to parent their children, but, if you want some advice, don’t listen to stuff like that, it just creates angry people.  If anything you should have your children listen to “One Love” by Bob Marley —  it is a very happy song and tells people to get together and just be themselves.

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