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Archives for May 2010

Building Your Child’s Vocabulary

by Ronald A. Rowe May 31st, 2010| Elementary
I remember one of the many concerns I had when my first child was born. I was gravely concerned because I didn't know how to teach him to talk. I had a grasp on how I'd teach him to walk, to play baseball, to treat a lady - but

Jiffy Greenhouse

by Ronald A. Rowe May 28th, 2010| Product reviews
The Jiffy Greenhouse is a nifty, inexpensive way to introduce children to the joys of gardening. The green house comes in a plastic tray, about two feet by one foot with a clear plastic lid and seventy-two individual peat pots.

In order for you to properly understand this product review,

Milestones Come Every Few Feet Now

by Joe Lawrence May 26th, 2010| Infants/Toddlers
For the first three months or so, the milestones were slow rolling. Her first car ride. Her first walk down the street in the stroller. All were big deals. It was major news when my little one noticeably began to recognize us. Now, just a few months later, none

Getting a Dog

by Louise May 24th, 2010| Elementary, Helpful Hints
Last weekend, my family recently adopted a beautiful, one-year-oldDobermanfrom the Doberman Rescue. Her name is Gracie and we adore her! Though our household has only had a cat for the past few years, Gracie will be the third dog to be a part of our family, so

MPix review

by Joe Lawrence May 21st, 2010| Product reviews
It is hard to believe my little girl is already seven months old! My wife was just updating the baby book the other day and it was surreal to look back on her as a newborn. She looks so much older now. I actually call her a miniature five

End of the School Year Blues

by Ronald A. Rowe May 19th, 2010| Elementary
The end is near... of the school year, that is. As the end draws closer, parents are faced with a new challenge - keeping the kids motivated and focused on their schoolwork. It seem like it is getting harder each year. There is a real danger of children checking

Long Distance Field Trips

by Jacob P. May 17th, 2010| Teen Perspective, Tweens
I just got back from the 8th grade field trip to Washington, D.C. Long distance, over-night field trips are a blast! Unfortunately, they can be tricky, so I am going to post some tips and tricks on the trips.

  • Pack well: Getting there and finding out you lack an important

Silly Bands

by Ronald A. Rowe May 14th, 2010| Product reviews
The fad of the year has arrived, and it is Silly Bands. Silly Bands are thin rubber bracelets that come in various shapes - baseball hat, dinosaurs, crosses, cars. When worn as a bracelet, they are more or less round. But when taken off, they revert to their original

Preparing for the Future

by Joe Lawrence May 12th, 2010| Infants/Toddlers
When it comes to our children we want the best for them. Often the "best" are things we didn't have as young ones. Maybe they're even the things we valued the most. Either way we want to give our children the best lives and prepare them for the future

Fly a Kite!

by Louise May 10th, 2010| Elementary, Preschool
I was sitting in class the other day when I looked out of the second-story window and saw a bright purple object zoom past the window. "What was that?" asked another student who had seen the same spectacle as me. "A kite!" exclaimed yet another student. The object passed


by Michele May 7th, 2010| Product reviews
I'll start by admitting I am not a gamer. Sure, I used our Atari when I was a kid, but I really haven't felt the need to play video games since then. However, both of my sons (ages 9 and 14) are very much into gaming, which means that

Belated Birthday Party

by Ronald A. Rowe May 5th, 2010| Elementary
My son, Max, spent his ninth birthday confined to a bed as he recovered from an emergency appendectomy. Not the sort of thing a young boy dreams of for his birthday party. Also, not the sort of thing that a young boy forgets or will let his parents