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Silly Bands

by Ronald A. Rowe | May 14th, 2010 | Product reviews

The fad of the year has arrived, and it is Silly Bands. Silly Bands are thin rubber bracelets that come in various shapes – baseball hat, dinosaurs, crosses, cars. When worn as a bracelet, they are more or less round. But when taken off, they revert to their original shape (sometimes with a little coaxing).

Silly Bands are available everywhere. We first stumbled across them at a CVS drugstore. I was busy ignoring my son’s pleading when the lady at the counter said they were THE hot item for kids this year. She won me over, and I dropped $4.99 for 24 of the little rubber bands.

The nice thing about the Silly Bands is that each pack comes with six sets of four Silly Bands. Kids can trade with their friends without giving up a significant item from their collection. Your daughter can freely trade away her star-shaped Silly Band for her friend’s truck-shaped Silly Band and still have three stars left. Or if your son breaks his favorite Tyrannosaurus Silly Band, no biggie. There are three more where that came from.

I’ve seen elementary kids walking around with dozens of Silly Bands on each arm. It already has gotten so out of control at my son’s school that they sent home a notice reminding parents that school policy is one bracelet per arm.

I don’t know how long the craze will last. I think we’re just seeing the beginning. It won’t take long for imitators to enter the market. But this is one fad that seems harmless enough, the packs are relatively inexpensive.

Most places charge $4.99 for a package of 24. We found a limited selection of shapes at Bed Bath and Beyond for just $2.99. I’ve heard of a mythical twelve pack for $2.99, but I’ve never found any on the shelf.

The bottom line on Silly Bands is that they’re affordable, harmless, and “in” right now.

  1. It seems that the silly crazy continues. Many companies joined the crazy.

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