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Milestones Come Every Few Feet Now

by Joe Lawrence | May 26th, 2010 | Infants/Toddlers

For the first three months or so, the milestones were slow rolling.  Her first car ride.  Her first walk down the street in the stroller.  All were big deals.  It was major news when my little one noticeably began to recognize us.  Now, just a few months later, none of these things even make us think.

All of these milestones we have read about in the baby books are coming to fruition very close to when the experts predicted.  She started rolling over around three months.  She gained control of her head even more quickly than that.  All of these things we could see slowly develop.  We were almost expecting them to happen.  However, around the six month mark that all changed very quickly.

One day out of nowhere, we set her on the floor for some tummy time and the next thing we knew she was ten feet away.  She learned to roll to her destination.  Then, she all of a sudden learned to turn her body to guide where she rolled.  Then, in another flash she started Army crawling and scooting.  Just the other day, I watched her crawl for about five feet.

She is learning and developing at exponential rates now.  It is scary and I wish I could somehow stop her from growing.  I actually asked my Facebook friends for tips and no one has invented the real-life freeze tag maneuver yet.  One friend gave me some great advice and way to substitute for my inability to traverse time: take pictures and videos.

I know this goes without saying, but it is easy to procrastinate as she gets older.  I have fought my desire to wait until tomorrow to get out the camera. Thankfully I did, because there has been an instance or two where she moved past that milestone by the next day.  It is our duty as parents to capture each moment, especially as each milestone comes faster and faster.  Instead of miles, it is more like just a few feet.

Make sure to mark the ground with photos and video or you may miss the chance!

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