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Long Distance Field Trips

by Jacob P. | May 17th, 2010 | Teen Perspective, Tweens

I just got back from the 8th grade field trip to Washington, D.C. Long distance, over-night field trips are a blast! Unfortunately, they can be tricky, so I am going to post some tips and tricks on the trips.

  • Pack well: Getting there and finding out you lack an important item stinks, to be blunt. Make sure you pack everything you need, but not too much either. Only pack what you need and a little extra, not everything you own.
  • Bring a good amount of spending money. Pack more than enough, because running out can put you in trouble. Some kids ran out, so they had to borrow money for the meal on the way home. By the way, the meals at the rest stops cost considerably more (about $9 for a Big Mac meal at a McDonalds).
  • Bring a backpack. When you are traveling around, you will need a way to carry items like a rain slicker, money, a camera, a hat, etc. These items are important, like if you’re at the zoo and it pours…
  • Bring snacks for the room. If it is allowed, bring some snacks and drinks to consume after-hours. This is fun and will fill you up. After a day of walking, the limited dinner may not be enough.
  • Don’t pack anything inappropriate. At my trip, the teachers searched the bags to see if we brought anything of the such, and harsh punishment would follow upon discovery.
  • Don’t get in trouble. Allow though it is a fun trip, the teacher will dole out punishment to keep the kiddies in line. If you are exceptionally bad, they will fly you home. (Horror music plays)
  • Finally, bring some books, an iPod, movies, or all three for the ride there and back. It is long and boring, so get some amusement to keep you sane.

These trips are a ton of fun and safe, just plan before you go and have fun!

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