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3 Ways to Teach our Children Emotional Intelligence

by Joe Lawrence April 6th, 2016| Communication, Elementary
Communication skills are essential for people of all ages. Most of the issues we have in this world are because of communication gone badly. Although, there is no definite cure for this ongoing issue, there are some things we can teach our children to be better at communicating their thoughts

Kids and Cameras: Go on a Photo Walk Together

by Tania Cowling March 30th, 2016| Elementary, Entertainment
How can taking a walk around the neighborhood become a special event? The secret is to take along a camera! It doesn't have to be an expensive one - it can be a simple digital, a disposable, and the Polaroid is coming back. The use of a camera will help

Labels Affect Children’s Behavior

by Joe Lawrence March 23rd, 2016| Behavior, Elementary
The first day of school for me was not always the most exciting. It had very little to do with first day jitters as much as it did being the youngest of five children. Every single year, starting with the fourth grade, I anxiously awaited this question: “Do you have

How to Teach Your Kids ‘Safety Smarts’ Without Scaring Them

by Editorial Team March 16th, 2016| Elementary, Safety
Teaching your kids how to be safe is important, but it could also frighten them. After all, they may not really want to learn that there are people out there who may want to hurt them, steal from them, or even abduct them, but as a parent, you need to

Why Do I Need to Know This?

by Joe Lawrence March 9th, 2016| Elementary, School
“I will never use this again!” This is something we have all said at one point in school. How can we change this mentality in our children?

I mostly had this thought in high school when I would rather talk to my friends than listen to the teacher drone on about

How Safe Are Backyard Trampolines?

by Tania Cowling March 2nd, 2016| Elementary, Safety
Kids think that bouncing up and down on a trampoline is super fun, but unfortunately it is one of the most dangerous activities that children can do at home. According to an article in USA Today, a study from Indiana University School of Medicine found that from 2002
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Pinterest Is Creating New Social Norms

by Joe Lawrence February 24th, 2016| Elementary, Social
Pinterest is ruining the world. At least that is the feeling many elementary school parents get these days. All of these ideas are actually pushing new social norms, and we need to know when enough is enough.

Recently, my daughter had a Valentine’s Day party at school, and my wife volunteered
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Keeping a Healthy Lifestyle with Elementary Aged Kids

by Michele February 17th, 2016| Elementary, Seasonal
Ahh. . .elementary school years. They are such a wonderful time of learning. Of course, not all learning is ABCs and 123s. One of the biggest revelations can be the mind-blowing introduction to junk food and mindless TV. Let me explain.

I was fortunate in that I was able to be

A Guide to Responsible Gun Ownership for Parents

by Editorial Team February 17th, 2016| Elementary, Safety
Marksmanship is a hallmark of the U.S. Marine Corps, a military service that considers every Marine a rifleman first and foremost. They have the longest and most rigorous boot camp; they have the most challenging rifle qualification standards. Recruits who don’t meet the minimum rifle standards do not graduate from

Just Say No (And Mean It)

by Michele February 3rd, 2016| Behavior, Elementary
When I was a child (in the dark ages), if I asked for something and the answer was no, it was just that. There was no discussion; that simply was the answer. Although I didn't necessarily like receiving a negative reply, I accepted it as is.

When I had children, I
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Ways to Get Your Kids to Help You Save Money on Energy Bills

by Editorial Team February 1st, 2016| Elementary
In order to start saving more money on your monthly energy bill, you need to get your entire family involved, including the kids. But how can you teach your kids about the importance of saving energy, and how can you get them to help you out every day through their
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How to Schedule; It’s Elementary

by Michele January 20th, 2016| Elementary, Seasonal
Your child has entered elementary school, and a good portion of her day is consumed by school. This might make scheduling easier than the preschool days that filled only a few hours a couple days a week, or so you thought. However, even though a large portion of her day