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Archives for February 2019

Planning for a Family

by Editorial Team February 28th, 2019| Pregnancy

When it comes to the point in your life that you decide it's time to start a family, there are so many fun things to consider. You need to think about what baby names you like, how you want to decorate

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Fun Ideas for Your Child and the Kidsitter

by Tania Cowling February 25th, 2019| Elementary, Entertainment
Elementary kids, ages six to nine, don’t like the term babysitter, as they feel they are too old to be cared for like babies and yet they are too young to stay home alone. So instead parents can call a kidsitter to spend time with their children when they

Moving to the United Kingdom: what do you need to know?

by Editorial Team February 21st, 2019| Helpful Hints

If your family are fond of the nomadic lifestyle or have a possible job transfer coming up,you might be seriously considering life across the pond. The biggest benefit of living in the United Kingdom is the shared language: doing even a short migration to a country with a different language can start off slowly as

Innovative Ways to Decorate Your Teen’s Bedroom

by Editorial Team February 15th, 2019| Teens

Decorating a teenager’s room can be a challenge because they can be both fussy about what they want, and protective of their space. Your ideas as to what makes a good bedroom are probably some way off what your teen would want, so rather than

How to Give Your Kids the Best Start in Life

by Editorial Team February 5th, 2019| Elementary

It’s what every parent wants; to provide for their children and get them off to a good start in life. It’s also something people can have very different ideas about, depending on their own philosophies; you might believe that academic success is the