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Innovative Ways to Decorate Your Teen’s Bedroom

by Editorial Team | February 15th, 2019 | Teens

Decorating a teenager’s room can be a challenge because they can be both fussy about what they want, and protective of their space. Your ideas as to what makes a good bedroom are probably some way off what your teen would want, so rather than impose your will and force them to have the style you’d choose, listen to their ideas and see how you could come to a compromise. Keep an open mind and don’t dismiss what they ask for without considering how you could incorporate some elements of what they’d like with a more practical design.


Your first issue is going to be the color scheme. Teens often go through a stage where they want a black bedroom, or some combination of bold colors that, to your mind, sounds garish and is likely to make the room look smaller. You could try persuading them that the colors they want aren’t going to work, but teens can be awfully stubborn, as you probably know!Many parents have taken a different approach with great success, letting their teens have the colors they want and letting them discover in their own time why their choice may have been flawed. Or come to a compromise; one or two walls in their color choice, the rest in yours.


If you ask a teen what’s important in a bedroom, they might list such essentials as the bed, somewhere for a friend to sleep over, a games console, and a TV. You, on the other hand, will be thinking about a desk for studying, and storage for clothes and other possessions. Luckily, by making use of some innovative design ideas, you can accommodate all these features even in a small bedroom. For instance, a study desk can double up as a games table, and you can keep the surfaces clear by using the wall space to fix shelving units, boards, and hooks. 

The bed takes up most of the room, but the space underneath is often either wasted or becomes a haven for dust and detritus. Make use of this space by buying a bed with built-in storage, or using storage units designed to fit under beds. Your teen may not want a bunk or cabin bed anymore, but raising the bed even a small amount gains you a significant extra space, and you can fit extensions to the feet of a bed to raise it up easily and make more room.

If they have a friend over, you could give them a sleeping bag on the floor, but a bed would be much better. If you check out the innovative designs of modern furniture Miami online, you’ll see they have beds that fit into the wall behind shelving or bookcases. During the day the bed is hidden behind the shelves, at night you rotate the shelving and reveal the bed.

Try to involve your teen in the process as much as you can, and ask them to come up with ideas for improving the room by looking at interior decorating and style ideas online. The more you involve them, the more invested they’ll feel, and the happier you’ll both be as a result.

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