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Archives for May 2016


Socialize With Summer Play Dates

by Tania Cowling May 30th, 2016| Infants/Toddlers, Social
Play dates are informal get-togethers where parents and little ones meet for an afternoon (or morning) either at a park or rotating at a parent’s home. These dates are beneficial for everyone involved --- babies and toddlers have a chance to mingle with other children (some the same age along

Treat Others How You Want to Be Treated

by Sam P. May 27th, 2016| Behavior, Teens
Respect is a very important aspect of life, especially growing up and becoming a teenager.  Whether you are talking to someone your age, an elder, or someone younger than you, you should always grant that person respect, even if they have not given you a reason to deserve it.  You
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Respect & Tweens: Reciprocity & Patience

by Michele May 26th, 2016| Behavior, Tweens
I cannot stress this enough, the tween years can be hard. For everyone involved. Out of the pre-college parenting years, I think middle school is the hardest. The kids are trying to figure out where they fit, are dealing with hormonal fluctuations, and are having greater responsibilities placed upon them.
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Children Learn Respect from Good Role Models

by Tania Cowling May 25th, 2016| Behavior, Elementary
The most effective way kids learn respect is by watching the important adults in their lives act respectfully. One of the biggest complaints today is that kids don’t respect their elders the way children used to. Is this a generational myth or true? I think kids need to learn self-respect,
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How Can I Teach My Preschooler Respect?

by Joe Lawrence May 24th, 2016| Behavior, Preschool
There are very few things that can get a parent’s blood to boil faster than being disrespected by his or her child. Where do they get this from? How can they be so ungrateful? We would never do this to our parents.

My father was fairly strict when it came to

Is It Possible to Teach Toddlers Respect?

by Tania Cowling May 23rd, 2016| Behavior, Infants/Toddlers
It’s never too early to teach respectful gestures, but you must understand that toddlers have limited vocabulary and attention spans. As you try to lecture your little one, he may just in turn stick out his tongue, yell “no”, and hit you. Now, this behavior will not last forever, but
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When Teens Fly: Four Possible Issues

by Jane Wangersky May 20th, 2016| Seasonal, Teens
For background to this article, I talked to a high school senior who had recently flown on an international trip with a school band. You might think he’d bring back some horror stories -- or at least some funny stories -- that showed what teens should and shouldn't do while

Helping Your Tween Pack for a Flight

by Michele May 19th, 2016| Seasonal, Tweens
If you're the parent of a tween, you know that he has a decent level of independence (or should). Your tween is at a point where he is handling most of his packing and organizing. Hopefully he's doing things like packing his own lunch, organizing his backpack, bringing the appropriate
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Taking Flight with your Child and Surviving!

by Joe Lawrence May 18th, 2016| Elementary, Seasonal
The finish line is in sight for our children. School is almost out for the summer and for many that means vacation time. There is planning around every detail of the trip; however, many do not think about the actual plane ride itself. This moment of forced containment can be
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Flying Can Be a Lesson on Vacation Travel

by Tania Cowling May 17th, 2016| Preschool, Seasonal
If you’re planning a vacation by air, it’s fun for preschoolers to get up close and personal with airplanes before the trip. Visiting an airport in advance or some home activities that present planes as a theme can do this. Preparing a young child for a new experience is wise

Air Travel With Infants and Toddlers

by Tania Cowling May 16th, 2016| Infants/Toddlers, Seasonal
Taking an airplane ride with an infant or toddler alone can be frustrating and cause a bit of anguish. Mothers have been seen in airports carrying their babies in one arm and dragging a piece of luggage in the other. With some, this has led to tears. If you must
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