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Archives for May 2016

baby beach

The Change From Daycare to Summer Vacation

by Tania Cowling May 9th, 2016| Care, Infants/Toddlers
Change, at any age and especially toddlers, can be difficult and sometimes produce anxiety. When school is over, this change is a time for growth – not only skills and concepts, but also emotional growth and gaining independence. With more unstructured time during the summer, young children have the opportunity
hiking trail

Go Take a Hike!

by Michele May 5th, 2016| Entertainment, Tweens
I've always hiked with my kids, which made hiking a natural choice when they were tweens. Even if it isn't something that you regularly do with your family, I'd suggest taking your tweens on a hike. Why take a hike? Let me count the reasons.

Hiking is a great family activity.
backyard slide

Two Ideas to get Kids Active in a Crazy World

by Joe Lawrence May 4th, 2016| Elementary, Entertainment
It still amazes me that kids today have to be reminded to be active or that being active is not a “norm.” However, once we can show children how to find enjoyment while being active, they gain many benefits.

I remember growing up and never being in my house unless it
toddler walk

Toddlers Need Movement From Head to Toe

by Tania Cowling May 2nd, 2016| Entertainment, Infants/Toddlers
Movement is so important for health. We, as a nation, want to encourage children of all ages to get physically active and move to avoid obesity and for general physical fitness. One of the initiatives developed by The President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition is called

Plans to Resell the S7? Takes Steps to Protect it!

by Editorial Team May 2nd, 2016| Teens
The Galaxy S7 is one of the best Androids on the market. Right now, its only competition is its cousin, the Galaxy S7 Edge. With that sort of clout, everybody wants Samsung’s latest and greatest, but not everyone can afford its hefty price tag. Depending on your carrier