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Bubbles Are Entertaining For Young Children

by Tania Cowling March 11th, 2024| Entertainment, Infants/Toddlers

Remember the joy of blowing bubbles when you were a child? Now that the weather is getting warmer take this opportunity to share some bubble blowing with your little one. Along with blowing bubbles outdoors I'm going to share some fun

toddler at the park

4 Types of Exercise Even Toddlers Can Enjoy

by Marnie Bii November 7th, 2022| Entertainment, Infants/Toddlers
As a parent of young kids, you may feel like you never have enough time for a proper workout. Exercise sessions are more important than ever at this time in your life, however, due to their ability to mitigate stress and keep you healthy. You can adopt new exercise

TV as Family Entertainment: Little Kids

by YPI Editors September 5th, 2022| Entertainment, Entertainment, Infants/Toddlers, Preschool
Let's start with the acknowledgement that there are other screen options besides televisions. Laptops, smartphones, tablets, and more offer screen time entertainment for all ages. However, rather than working with a topic that broad, we've decided to focus on good old television watching for the next two weeks. How can

Babies Love Water Play With a Dishpan

by Tania Cowling July 4th, 2016| Entertainment, Infants/Toddlers
Splish, splash, baby’s NOT taking a bath! Water isn’t just for getting clean. In fact, water play encourages discovery and stimulates interest in the physical world. When it comes to play, babies don’t mind getting wet. That’s why water play is entertaining and educational at the same time and can
toddler walk

Toddlers Need Movement From Head to Toe

by Tania Cowling May 2nd, 2016| Entertainment, Infants/Toddlers
Movement is so important for health. We, as a nation, want to encourage children of all ages to get physically active and move to avoid obesity and for general physical fitness. One of the initiatives developed by The President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition is called

5 Awesome Apps for Infants and Toddlers

by Marnie Bii January 25th, 2016| Entertainment, Infants/Toddlers
If you just cannot afford to (yet again!) leave the grocery store or restaurant due to a cranky, crying baby, you may be desperate for a solution that works to quiet your child for just a few more minutes. You may try singing, dancing, holding, feeding or making silly faces,
toddler outside (400x400)

4 Outdoor Outings for Infants and Toddlers

by Marnie Bii September 21st, 2015| Entertainment, Infants/Toddlers
Infants and toddlers love to explore their world and take in all of the amazing sights around them. No matter where you go, young kids and babies will experience something new that sparks connections and encourages future learning. You will also directly benefit from the time you spend outdoors
toddler with book (400x400)

3 Reasons to Take a Toddler to the Library

by Lori Sciame September 7th, 2015| Entertainment, Infants/Toddlers
Life long learning begins the moment a child enters the world. His or her very early experiences, while not usually recorded in long term memory, still combine to help create the person he or she will become.  If you dream of a college education for your child, then you must
toddler with toy (400x400)

Your Toddler’s Behavior in Sports Class

by Jessica B. August 17th, 2015| Entertainment, Infants/Toddlers
One of the first things new stay at home moms do is to start signing up their kids for classes. This is a great way to meet other parents, let your kid get used to being in groups, and to just get out of the house. But many parents
child feeding at zoo (400x400)

A Trip to the Zoo With Toddlers

by Tania Cowling June 29th, 2015| Entertainment, Infants/Toddlers
Nice weather, family outings and the zoo go hand-in-hand for a day of fun. Millions of people visit zoos annually, making it one of the most popular attractions to view and usually more economical than theme parks these days. As a former educator, mother and grandmother today, my motto
baby (400x400)

Games Are Learning Tools for Babies

by Tania Cowling April 20th, 2015| Entertainment, Infants/Toddlers
Dr. Jean Piaget, upon whose theories built Early Childhood Education, said that young children are explorers and it is the job of the adults around them to provide the experiences and materials to stimulate their development. Piaget saw the tremendous importance of
mom and toddler (400x400)

Homemade Kitchen Art for Babies and Toddlers

by Tania Cowling February 16th, 2015| Entertainment, Infants/Toddlers
The knowledge of ‘Kitchen Art’ can be a valuable tool for parents. Art does not have to be difficult or expensive to be fun. Your pantry is filled with ingredients that can be mixed into paints and clays. These are the best art mediums for babies and toddlers as