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3 Reasons to Take a Toddler to the Library

by Lori Sciame | September 7th, 2015 | Entertainment, Infants/Toddlers

toddler with book (400x400)Life long learning begins the moment a child enters the world. His or her very early experiences, while not usually recorded in long term memory, still combine to help create the person he or she will become.  If you dream of a college education for your child, then you must begin working towards that dream right now.  In essence, a toddler is not too young for visits to the local public library.

Reason One:  Early visits create a comfort level with learning.

Have you ever felt out of place? How do you react when you think you don’t belong?  Usually, one feels stressed, the body tenses, and the mind begins to shut down. In this situation, learning will most certainly not take place.

For this reason, all children, beginning when they are toddlers, should be acclimated to the library.  This sets the stage for being comfortable in environments where education and learning take place.  Your goal is to make visits to the library a large part of your child’s life.  Doing so will set him or her up to be comfortable in situations where learning takes precedence. Comfort equals a better chance for academic success.

Reason Two: Early visits help to develop fine motor skills.

Toddlers need to learn how to physically negotiate the world, and handling the many educational materials available at the library will assist them with doing so.  For instance, many local libraries have puzzles, puppets, playhouses, and blocks for toddlers to manipulate with their hands. (Not to mention thousands of books!)  And don’t worry, almost all libraries have a dedicated space for children to be active (and noisy).

Some parents argue that they don’t need the library, as eBooks suit them just fine.  This may very well be true for the adult learner; however, young children need to be able to manipulate hard copy books. Toddlers love to turn the pages, and they will flip between different sections as they make connections between ideas. This fact alone is reason enough to bring a toddler to the library!

Reason Three:  Early visits assist with language development.

As an English teacher, I know it is important for a college student to have a large vocabulary, one adequate enough to express his or herself in college level writing, and believe it or not, language acquisition begins in infancy.  A young child will learn a lot of words and their meanings if they do not visit the library; however, they will learn thousands more words if they DO visit the library.

Again, if you dream of giving your child a college education, then take him to the library NOW.  You have 16 – 17 years to prepare him to be a ready learner, one who is able to think and write critically.

Toddlers and Libraries DO Mix

Even if you have never set foot in a library, vow to do so for your child. If you feel nervous, ask a librarian for help.  I guarantee he or she will be happy to assist you with planning visits!


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