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Archives for July 2015

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Summer With Your Special Needs Teen

by Jane Wangersky July 31st, 2015| Special Needs, Teens
It’s hard enough trying to help a teen have a good summer, but when your teen is special needs, you may feel you don’t have even the options that parents of typical teens have. Your son or daughter may not have many friends, enjoy sports or other popular summer
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How Your Tween May Spend the Summer

by Jessica B. July 30th, 2015| Behavior, Tweens
Summer means a lot of free time, even if your tween has plenty of plans like summer camp, a part-time job, or helping around the home. It is great if your tween has a few activities planned where they have to be responsible and accountable. But it is also

Preventing Medical Errors in Children

by Editorial Team July 30th, 2015| Care, Infants/Toddlers
When your little one (or your big kid) is unwell, who do you turn to? If it's a simple thing, like a stomach bug or the sniffles, you probably treat him with a home remedy.  Sleep, crackers, and some tissues are all your child needs. Other times the symptoms require
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Keeping Elementary Kids Excited for the First Day

by Joe Lawrence July 29th, 2015| Elementary, School

Summer sands are slowly drifting away and we are hearing the faintness of school bells off in the distance. We are now past the midpoint of summer and the new school year is approaching. There are some things we can do to prepare

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Sensory Sensitivity in Special Needs Children

by C. Finkbeiner July 28th, 2015| Preschool, Special Needs
I can’t tell you how many times I almost went insane trying to understand my child. And, it wasn’t because it was a hard job caring for a child with special needs, but because I didn’t always know what his needs were. How can I fix a problem if
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How to Develop Your Toddler’s Social Life

by Jessica B. July 27th, 2015| Infants/Toddlers, Social
It can start to feel a little isolating if you are spending your days caring for a young toddler, and you may start to think it is important to hang out a bit with kids the same age as your child. While toddlers don’t play well together, they often
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Teen’s Perspective on Communication with Parents

by Sam P. July 24th, 2015| Teen Perspective, Teens

As teens, we often may end up talking at our parents instead of to them, especially when we do not get what we want.  Believe me, this is never the way to go.  Effective communication is just as much about, if not more,

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Homeschooling Special Needs Kids: Elementary Age

by C. Finkbeiner July 22nd, 2015| Elementary, Special Needs
Back to School… or not?

The first day of the school year is approaching, and for kids (and parents) with special needs it can be a confusing, anxious and depressing time. For those who have gone to preschool or daycare, the routine of going to school every day may be
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5 Ways to Prepare Your Preschooler for School

by Joe Lawrence July 21st, 2015| Preschool, School
Summer is already at its mid-point and it is time to start preparing our children for the upcoming school year. Some future preschoolers have no idea what to expect and can have a little anxiety. There are some things we can do to mentally prepare them for this day.

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5 Tips for Toddler Pool Safety

by Jessica B. July 20th, 2015| Infants/Toddlers, Safety
Summer time means spending a lot of time at the pool. Little ones can enjoy hanging out by the pool as much as big kids, so don’t leave them out. Pools do present a few extra dangers, but swimming with your little one only means taking a few extra
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Entertainment’s Impact on Teen Smoking

by Jane Wangersky July 17th, 2015| Entertainment, Teens
Though only 8% of teens in the U.S. smoke -- according to truth®, a national youth smoking prevention campaign -- that still means two million kids alive today will die prematurely from diseases caused by smoking, says the Center for Disease Control. Obviously, teen smoking
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Puberty and Your Special Needs Tween

by C. Finkbeiner July 16th, 2015| Special Needs, Tweens
Puberty is inevitable in growing up. It’s complex to talk about with tweens as they start to notice the changes within themselves. But it’s especially awkward when your child isn’t intellectually or emotionally prepared for the physical changes to begin.

I made a very big mistake when I began to