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5 Tips for Toddler Pool Safety

by Jessica B. | July 20th, 2015 | Infants/Toddlers, Safety

toddler in pool (400x400)Summer time means spending a lot of time at the pool. Little ones can enjoy hanging out by the pool as much as big kids, so don’t leave them out. Pools do present a few extra dangers, but swimming with your little one only means taking a few extra precautions. Here is how to make sure you swim with your little one safely.

1) Stick to designated areas – If you are swimming anywhere other than someone’s back yard, make sure the area is an approved public swimming spot. This means there will be lifeguards on duty who have training. This is a great way to take some of the stress off the new situation.

2) Keep an eye on your toddler at all times – Toddlers make crazy decisions. I’ve seen a few just walk right into a large pool. I’m not a huge fan of helicopter parenting, but if there was ever a time or a place for helicopter parenting, the pool is one of them. Your kid may fall in, but quick thinking means you can yank your kid out immediately. And little ones intuitively hold their breath when they go under water, so you have a few seconds to grab your little one before true danger comes.

3) Sunscreen – You need to remember to slather your little one with sunscreen before spending a lot of time at the pool. The pool reflects the sunlight and that can mean more sun exposure for your little one’s sensitive skin. Make sure to apply regularly and keep an eye on your little one’s skin to make sure they are not showing signs of turning burning.

4) Skip flotation devices – You don’t want your little one to overestimate their swimming abilities. Also, you don’t need something to get your little one out in deeper water than necessary. Stay with your little one and hold on to them. Skip the floats until your child can swim and is more confident. If you are too tired to carry your child in the pool it is time to take a break.

5) Stay sober – Summer means a lot of pool parties. It is important that there is always one sober parent for each child to monitor what is going on. Even after one beer, your reaction time goes down and you may be more easily distracted. Wait to grab that beer until after your kids are in bed, or at least done with swimming for the day and far from the pool.

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