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Archives for March 2015

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Infants and Toddlers Learn With Household Objects

by Tania Cowling March 30th, 2015| Infants/Toddlers, Social
You don't need expensive toys to teach babies skills. Homemade toys and household objects will tickle their senses and can present the best educational baby toys you have had the pleasure to use.

As we raise our children, parents think that expensive educational toys for babies are necessary. Store-bought toys
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Teens: 3 Things You Didn’t Know Could Impair You

by Jane Wangersky March 27th, 2015| Safety, Teens
Everyone, parents and teens, knows that driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs -- even over-the-counter drugs -- is risky. But there are other ordinary issues and activities that can also impair someone to the point where they shouldn’t operate a vehicle. Parents may not be any more
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How Hormones Affect a Tween’s Behavior

by Lori Sciame March 26th, 2015| Behavior, Tweens
As early as age 9, a young person's body begins the process of puberty. This amazing journey towards adulthood begins when the body's glands secrete hormones.  It's this rise in hormones that prompts growth and sexual maturation.

Hormones can also be responsible for altering your child's behavior. Not only do
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Kids Can Start a Garden Indoors

by Tania Cowling March 25th, 2015| Elementary, Social
When “cabin fever” gives way to “spring fever”, we all feel energized. It’s that “start something time of the year”—a garden could be just that project. An activity where parents and kids can bond and socialize. When the frost is gone, a small plot of ground in a sunny
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Choosing the Right Preschool

by Joe Lawrence March 24th, 2015| Preschool, School
This is the time of the year that many parents are considering their options for preschool or a kindergarten for their young ones. Depending on where you live, the options are numerous and daunting. I will tell you how we found our preschool and the things we are looking
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Teen’s Perspective on Reading

by Sam P. March 20th, 2015| Teen Perspective, Teens
I love reading.  Honestly, I can't remember a time in my life when I didn't enjoy reading.  My favorite thing about reading is that you can choose the minute details.  You get to picture exactly how everything looks and what each scene looks like.  It is like your own
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How to Start a Tween Reading

by Ronald A. Rowe March 19th, 2015| Entertainment, Tweens
Do whatever is popular.  That is generally spectacularly bad advice.  But when it comes to reading and Tweens, that just may be the way to go.  If you have a Tween who is not overly enthusiastic about reading, try getting him or her to try the latest fad in
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4 Hacks to Instill Love of Reading in Your Child

by Ronald A. Rowe March 18th, 2015| Elementary, Entertainment
Reading doesn't have the attractive lure it used to have. With video game consoles, handheld electronics, the internet, and 200 cable channels the idea of sitting quietly with a good book is a hard sell.  But it is important that we do what we can to instill a love of
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Teaching My Preschooler to Read

by Joe Lawrence March 17th, 2015| Entertainment, Preschool
One of the greatest joys I get as a parent is reading with my kids. I am not sure what I find so fulfilling about it, but I do thoroughly enjoy each moment. It is sad that she will be learning to read by herself soon. Even though I
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5 Suggested Books to Read to Infants and Toddlers

by Tania Cowling March 16th, 2015| Infants/Toddlers
Reading is not a natural process that just happens, it needs to be learned. Since children must have rich experiences with both spoken and written language at an early age, I suggest engaging in reading books. Looking at development, babies listen to the sound of people speaking around them
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4 Party Themes for Tweens

by Lori Sciame March 12th, 2015| Social, Tweens
Children transform into social butterflies once their tween years hit.  They begin to see friendships as much more important, and they look for ways to feel that they belong to a group.  One way to assist your child with fitting in involves hosting a party for his or her
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3 Fun Ways to Build World Knowledge

by Lori Sciame March 11th, 2015| Elementary, School
Helping a child to learn new things can be great fun.  The process doesn't always have to involve flash cards or worksheets.  If you have an elementary aged child, try one of the following three ways to enrich his or her learning experience.  I guarantee, you'll both have fun