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Archives for June 2014

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Toddlers Learn With Their Fingers and Toes

by Tania Cowling June 30th, 2014| Development, Infants/Toddlers
Toddlers are still learning about their world and one way to promote their joy of learning is through movement. They never sit still and they look at their fingers and toes as wonderful tools. Think about all the ways you can promote learning. There are activities that use repetition,
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For Teens: How to Have Friends Over in the Summer

by Sam P. June 27th, 2014| Social, Teen Perspective, Teens
The summer is a fabulous time when kids get a break from school and have all the time in the world to hang out with friends.  You do have to keep in mind that your parents can say no if you and your friends don't behave well.

There are several

Bring Your Tween to Work Day

by Ronald A. Rowe June 26th, 2014| Social, Tweens
There is no such thing as Official Bring Your Tween to Work Day, but maybe there should be.  Tweens are at a crucial juncture in their journey to adulthood.  Now that school is out and the kids are languishing in the summer doldrums, it is the perfect time to

How to Plan Your Elementary Kid’s Summer Fun Now

by Margot F. June 25th, 2014| Elementary, School
School is almost over and now is the time to look at summer activities for children ages five to 12. While children in daycare have activities planned, a child at home can also enjoy lots of fun during July and August. With a bit of planning, a parent can

Handling Aggressive Preschool Behavior

by T Akery June 24th, 2014| Behavior, Preschool
Aggressive behavior from a Preschooler is often the result of bad impulse control. The Preschooler typically gets mad and then lashes out in an inappropriate way. Sometimes, this behavior results in hitting or biting another child. Smaller siblings are often the target because that is who the Preschooler is

Women’s Fertility — Health and Lifestyle

by Jane Wangersky June 23rd, 2014| Pregnancy
Recently, we looked at how a man’s lifestyle and health can affect his ability to father children -- how drinking, smoking, obesity, and other factors such as illness can make a man infertile. This is important, as a third of all fertility problems stem from the male

TeenSafe: Safety or Snooping?

by Jennifer S. Rowe June 20th, 2014| Safety, Teens
When you consider the term “Teen Safety”, a plethora of things instantly comes to mind, so I decided to do some research about what is on the forefront for concerned parents. If you guessed cell phones and social media being the top concern, you would be correct! As I

Think Twice About…

by Lori Sciame June 19th, 2014| Safety, Tweens
Safety must be a priority...always.  It doesn't matter if your tween thinks he or she is grown up enough to make independent decisions, it's still your right (and responsibility) as a parent to keep your child safe.  While you do not want to be a "helicopter" parent, one that

Plan Some Staycation Fun With the Kids

by Tania Cowling June 18th, 2014| Elementary, Social
School is out, summer is here, and time to think about family vacations. Sure, we love to daydream of glorified trips but when work doesn’t allow much time off and we find ourselves crunching numbers in the budget, sometimes a staycation at home sounds like the right decision. Here

The Reggio Emilia Philosophy is Child Centered

by Margot F. June 17th, 2014| Preschool, School
The Reggio Emilia approach to teaching preschoolers is well established in Italy and popular in many large cities in North America. The philosophy is child centered and encourages direct family participation. Is a preschool based on this philosophy suitable for your child?

The Reggio Emilia approach is named after a

Fever and Thermometers: What Are the Options?

by Tania Cowling June 16th, 2014| Care, Infants/Toddlers
Fever is an elevation of the normal body temperature. It can be caused by an infection, though sometimes not. A normal body temperature can range from 97 degrees F to 99+ degrees F and varies from person to person. Oral temperatures above 99.6, or rectal temperature above 100.4 degrees

Summer Fun?

by Sam P. June 13th, 2014| Behavior, Teen Perspective, Teens
As school comes to an end and summer starts up, almost all of us are dying to go to the beach or on adventures, but we may not be allowed to.  Our behavior accumulates as we slowly grow up into young adults, and if yours hasn't been the most