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Think Twice About…

by Lori Sciame | June 19th, 2014 | Safety, Tweens

skateboard-15741_640Safety must be a priority…always.  It doesn’t matter if your tween thinks he or she is grown up enough to make independent decisions, it’s still your right (and responsibility) as a parent to keep your child safe.  While you do not want to be a “helicopter” parent, one that is too overprotective, you do want to set reasonable boundaries.

Read this post to learn more about tween safety issues in 2014.  There are plenty of things tweens may want to explore that you must think twice about.

Concussion Threat

Emerging research is proving just how detrimental repeated concussions can be on the health of the brain. For this reason, please think twice when allowing your child to participate in sports that involve head butting.

Do not mistake what I am saying; I am all for exercise and healthy competition. I do, however, urge parents to discuss your child’s involvement in activities that can injure the brain with your family physician.  Football and soccer can cause permanent damage, as can falls from bicycles.  To be on the safe side, make sure your health care provider keeps an up to date record of every head injury your child has suffered.

Drowning a Concern

In addition to sports that can cause concussions, swimming is a real safety concern.  I vividly remember thinking I was invincible as a tween when it came to swimming. Deep end … no problem.  Why then, did I almost drown in a friend’s pool at the age of 11?  Thank goodness my friend’s brother happened to be walking by at the time!

Again, tweens may think it’s safe to swim alone or with a friend without adult supervision; however, the reality is  the opposite. Tweens must ALWAYS be watched by an adult while swimming.

Stranger Danger in a Techno World

Even if your  tween understands that he or she should not talk to strangers in person, he or she may not see the problem with conversing with someone online.  Adults know that this can be dangerous, but children do not understand the risks involved.

It is important, then, to continually monitor your child’s use of the Internet.  Some may disagree with me, but as a parent of three children, I have come to understand the value of “creeping” on Facebook and Twitter.  Scoff if you will, but pre-teens must have someone looking out for their well being as they surf the Internet.

Drugs, No Way?  YES, WAY!

As an Alcohol and Drug Education Coordinator for a local college, I know that drugs can be found (and obtained) easily.  Don’t bury your head in the sand and think that just because you live in a good or even “rich” neighborhood that your tween is not in danger.

In today’s society, tweens not only know about drugs, many know where to get them. In essence, it’s never too early to open the lines of communication about drugs.  Keep a tween safe by keeping the dialogue going concerning your stance on drugs.

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