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Summer Fun?

by Sam P. | June 13th, 2014 | Behavior, Teen Perspective, Teens

phone-14780_640As school comes to an end and summer starts up, almost all of us are dying to go to the beach or on adventures, but we may not be allowed to.  Our behavior accumulates as we slowly grow up into young adults, and if yours hasn’t been the most pleasant you may not be allowed the typical teenage summer freedoms.  I, for one, just recently turned sixteen and got my license a few months ago, and I know I can’t wait for my first trip to the beach, but I know my behavior reflects that I’m responsible enough to do so.  I’m going to tell you a little story of the two girls, Kelly and Molly; one of them was responsible, while the other was not.  Fair warning, both will be an over exaggeration, but only to make it obvious which is which.

Kelly’s 16 and loves driving.  She never gets out of hand though, and when the gas tank gets low she always fills it for her parents.  She uses her parents’ car because she’d rather save for college than buy a car.  She’s not a straight A student but she tries her best and always gets her work handed in on time.  She tries her best with everything she does and never does less than what she feels necessary. When her parents let her borrow the car she always texts them when she arrives at her destination so they know she’s arrived safely.  Every now and then she slips up and may forget to text her mom or to take out the garbage, but she hardly ever does.  On the rare occasions Kelly forgets to do her chores she makes it up to her parents by working extra hard for the next few weeks and by picking up extra chores.  When Kelly was younger she never lied to her parents and has always been on her best behavior.

Molly, on the other hand, is her parents’ worst nightmare.  Whenever she uses their car it always comes back with scratches on it and an empty gas tank.  Molly’s failing almost all her classes because she doesn’t put in the effort to get her work done on time, if at all.  Though she’s only just turned 18, Molly has already drunk and driven, and has come home drunk on multiple occasions.  She never texts her parents to tell them where she is and her parents are always worried sick about her.  Every time they try to ground her, she ends up sneaking out of the house.  Molly is irresponsible and has acted this way  her whole life.  She always lies to her parents and has done so from a young age.

As you can see, Kelly is the responsible child.  She would be the one that’s allowed to go out and have fun this summer, while Molly’s parents try their best to lock her up.  A child like Molly wouldn’t be let out of the house.  Of course previous bad behavior can put a damper on things, but if that is true for you, you need to redeem yourself to your parents and gain back their trust.

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