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Archives for March 2013

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The Parent’s Responsibility in Preschool Security

by T Akery March 29th, 2013| Preschool
While security is a checklist item when investigating a new preschool, the truth is that parents also play a role in ensuring their kid's safety. The parent's role is quite important and you should know what to do and what not to do when it comes to safety. Your
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Post-Partum Dads

by Jane Wangersky March 28th, 2013| Pregnancy
New moms aren't the only parents whose bodies are going through transformations -- new dads can experience physical change, too, and not only due to lack of sleep. According to biologist Marlene Zuk, author of Paleofantasy: What Evolution Really Tells Us About Sex, Diet, and How We
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Preschool Spring Break Adventures

by T Akery March 27th, 2013| Preschool
Spring break is an interesting time for parents. It means a week off for your preschooler and a whole week to keep them entertained. This time of year the weather is warm, spring is in the air and the outdoors are calling energetic preschoolers. So if you can, take
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Making Good Choices

by Sam P. March 26th, 2013| Teen Perspective, Teens
Saturday my friend asked me to sleep over her house. She said her parents wouldn't be home, and my mom was fine with that. We'd be going to the school's fashion show at seven that night so she asked if I could hang out at her house for a
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Predicament: The Non-Driver

by Editorial Team March 25th, 2013| Parenting Predicament

My son is 19 and shows no interest in getting a driver's license. He's failed the written test a couple of times and doesn't want to talk about how to do better. He gets around fine on public transit, but sometimes I have to chauffeur him somewhere, and I

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Solution: Babysitter Wants to Bring Extra Child

by Playroom Supervisors March 22nd, 2013| Parenting Predicament
I have a babysitter who comes to the house and stays with my three-year-old son while I work. Shes asked if she can start bringing her two-year-old niece along with her. I dont mind having another child with my son, but I kind of feel like Id be paying
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Do Hard Things

by Ronald A. Rowe March 21st, 2013| Elementary
It is a challenge that nearly all parents face. Your child signs up for an activity -- sports, music, arts -- and things start off swimmingly. Youre convinced that your child has a natural flair for their chosen endeavor and you encourage it to the best of your ability
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Dealing With Angry People: From the Teen’s View

by Jacob P. March 20th, 2013| Teen Perspective, Teens
It's safe to say that everyone has dealt with angry people before. As long as you interact with other people, you will have to interact with angry people. Doing this can be quite a challenge, especially for teens. As a teen, people don't always take you seriously, which can
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Conditions that Can Cause Diaper Rash

by T Akery March 19th, 2013| Infants/Toddlers
Diaper rash is an uncomfortable condition for toddlers to have. There are some conditions that can cause your toddler to come down with this painful red rash. It can be a pain to treat at times. Your toddler may fight you when you try to treat the area. If
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The Perils of Projecting

by Ronald A. Rowe March 18th, 2013| Elementary
Projecting is a common challenge for parents, especially fathers. Projection involves casting our own fears, doubts, hopes, or dreams on our children and expecting them to respond in ways that may not be in their best interest. There are three distinct kinds of projecting that parents fall into and

Tough Choices

by Sam P. March 15th, 2013| Teen Perspective
In high school you will have a lot on your plate, and in your freshman year, as much as it is great to be as involved as possible, sometimes you need to take a second and think about whether you will have enough time for everything.

I try to be

Your Tween and PG-13

by T Akery March 14th, 2013| Tweens
Your tween is begging to buy that game or watch that movie. Yet, it has a PG-13 rating on the label. You say No and the campaign begins. At some point, you finally give in without knowing the offensive contents. Then it seems like your No is ineffective. While