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Conditions that Can Cause Diaper Rash

by T Akery | March 19th, 2013 | Infants/Toddlers

toddler unhappyDiaper rash is an uncomfortable condition for toddlers to have. There are some conditions that can cause your toddler to come down with this painful red rash. It can be a pain to treat at times. Your toddler may fight you when you try to treat the area. If you try to avoid some of these combinations, your toddler can avoid some cases of diaper rash.


One of the biggest causes of diaper rash is heat. Diapers are designed to contain messes. However, they are not designed to relieve the heat. In fact, they often hold it in. With summer coming, the heat will cause a rash in the diaper area. The best way to avoid this is to make sure that you are changing diapers frequently and try to keep your toddler’s bottom cool.

Winter can also cause a problem with heat. Between the dry air, the layers of clothing, and various heating sources, your toddler’s diaper area can become overheated. Even though you want them to be warm, you should make sure they aren’t sweating in their clothing. You also should change diapers fairly frequently to make sure that your toddler isn’t overheating even in the cold weather.


Swimming is also a culprit. The chemicals in pools can be irritating to sensitive skin especially if they are spending the majority of the day in the pool. If you are using swimming diapers, you also have to be careful. You need to check them often. The combination of the moisture along with the summer sun can be very irritating. But it just isn’t pools you have to watch, sprinklers can get water into diapers as well. Keeping diapers dry is a way to help avoid the diaper rash.


Some illnesses cause a lot of diarrhea. Unfortunately, along with all of this nasty cleanup comes a nasty diaper rash. If your toddler is going through a bout of diarrhea, then make sure to treat their bottoms as well when you do diaper changes. While it may not happen the first time they go, they will certainly be a lot more prone to it after two or three times. If it gets really bad, then you should get them checked out by their doctor. The cause of the diarrhea should also merit treatment.

Certain foods

There are just some foods that will cause your toddler issues after cycling through their system. Once it comes out, the probability of a rash increases. Your best bet is try to avoid these foods. If you aren’t quite sure what they are, keep track of what your toddler ate before they had a messy diaper. If you notice a pattern with the food, then you should have a conversation with your doctor. Your toddler maybe allergic to that particular food item.

There are some situations that can cause a diaper rash in your toddler. If you can avoid these conditions or prevent the rash ahead of time, you won’t have to deal with this as often.

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