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Archives for February 2009


All About Preschoolers

by Gumer Liston February 25th, 2009| Preschool

Children grow so fast physically and mentally, and every day that comes brings something new into your child. As a parent, I try to keep up with these changes in my child; for me this is what makes parenting thrilling. To learn more about my preschooler, it is not only

Why Infants Shouldn’t Eat Honey

by Bea February 24th, 2009| Infants/Toddlers

You may have been told or read about how you should not feed infants honey. Some of you may have questioned this, while others may have added this to a new line of the already lengthy list of foods you should not feed your baby.

So, why should you not feed

When Your Preschooler Misbehaves Intentionally

by Gumer Liston February 19th, 2009| Preschool
Parenting would be a lot easier (and less exciting) if we remembered how exactly our minds worked when we were between the ages three and five. But it's not how things are and we parents have to struggle (happily) daily to try to read our children's minds.

I have noticed lately

Board Games for the Family

by Louise February 18th, 2009| Teen Perspective
My family is really big on playing board games. It is definitely the best way for us to get together and interact, a completely different experience from watching a movie together. Maybe there is someonein your the family who claims to hate board games, but it might be because he

Bidding for Chores

by Michele February 11th, 2009| Elementary
As parents, my husband and I have had a few discussions about allowances. To me, they always have seemed problematic. If you simply give your child money, it seems that he would learn to expect that money be given always. If you attach the allowance to chores, your child can

Giving Your Child a Good Start

by Gumer Liston February 10th, 2009| Helpful Hints

It is normal for parents to hope that their children will do well, if not excel, in school. Parents can do something to give their children a good start. Young children are naturally observant and quick to learn. Their minds are fresh, and they easily absorb anything that they see

Supervising Gaming

by Michele February 4th, 2009| Elementary
As of 2007, approximately 40% of US households had gaming systems, according to Nielsen. With a percentage this high, it is likely that many children have the opportunity to play video games, whether it be at home or at a friend's or relative's house.

Many of these children are afforded the