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Giving Your Child a Good Start

by Gumer Liston | February 10th, 2009 | Helpful Hints

It is normal for parents to hope that their children will do well, if not excel, in school. Parents can do something to give their children a good start. Young children are naturally observant and quick to learn. Their minds are fresh, and they easily absorb anything that they see or hear. The best time to give young children a good start in education is between ages three and five.

There are many simple and natural ways in which parents can prepare their children for schooling. Talking with your child a lot helps develop his language skills and self-confidence. If you read stories aloud with him, his reading and imagination will be developed. Children are naturally curious and when you answer your child’s questions he will be encouraged to learn more about his world. If it happens that you do not know the answer to his question, do not pretend that you know. Instead take him on a journey of finding the answer together, so that he will learn more than just the answer to his question. He will learn that Dad is not superman, and no one is.

It is also good to have your child grow up with books. If a child is not a stranger to books, it is less likely that he will view schooling as something that is not enjoyable.

Never force your child to study. It is normal for anyone to shun study and prefer play, so as a parent it is your duty to find ways to weave learning into his play.

If school is associated with fun and enjoyment, children will want to be in it and look forward to attending school. But if it is linked to hard work and discipline, school will be perceived as something that is undesirable. Associating school with fun and enjoyment does not mean that it should be painted in the minds of the child as a place of all play and no work. Your child has the right to know that he needs school for his future.

  1. sassy mom says:

    I love your post! I can’t say that I am an expert on that but at a very young age, I have trained my kids’ study habits. My eldest, who is now grade 7, can do it on her own. She only asks assistance once in a while an still maintains a very good grade. My son, though very diligent, still can be very playful, of course he’s a kid. But I have to impose study time.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. iceah says:

    this is right it will he/she would get tired of trying to learn if you force them c:

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