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Preschool Angels Turning Into Troublemakers

by T Akery April 1st, 2014| Behavior, Preschool
Preschoolers can be little angels at times. They show off their artwork, they make things for siblings. Most of the time, they even remember their manners. But at some point, they can turn into little troublemakers. When they do, it is often a test of parenting. It can be
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Battling the Fake Cry

by T Akery March 4th, 2014| Behavior, Preschool
There is a big difference between the fake cry and the real cry. The real cry has a different sound and urgency to it. The fake cry is just merely noise that your Preschooler is putting out. This is usually because they want something. Many times, it is easy
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Addressing Baby Talk in Preschoolers

by T Akery February 4th, 2014| Behavior, Preschool
At this age, Preschoolers are putting together sentences that are mostly understandable. There may be a few words here and there that are more difficult for them to pronounce, but their vocabulary skills are expanding rapidly. So when the baby talk begins at this age, it can get a
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Preschool Cooldowns

by T Akery December 31st, 2013| Behavior, Preschool
Sometimes, preschool can become particularly overwhelming for your preschooler. The parties, the playing and the learning are more than they can handle. While some appear to be ready on the go no matter what the time of day, your preschooler may need a cooldown period afterward to help them
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Helping Preschoolers Through Disappointment

by T Akery December 3rd, 2013| Behavior, Preschool
Unfortunately, there are events that are impossible to predict and they often interfere with the things your preschooler is looking forward to doing. During these times, your preschooler may be disappointed because they didn't get to attend an event in preschool or missed a field trip with their class.
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Helping Your Preschooler With Focus

by T Akery November 7th, 2013| Behavior, Preschool
Preschoolers have notoriously short attention spans. But participating in preschool often means your child has to focus on a task for a period of time. While these tasks aren't particularly long, they are a means of helping your child learn. There are some things you can do to help

Implementing a Preschool Behavior Chart

by T Akery October 10th, 2013| Behavior, Preschool
Behavior charts are often a means of measuring a preschooler's behavior during the school year. Each preschool does things a little differently in implementing their own behavior chart. Some schools will have the smiley face method where a frown indicates bad behavior. Others will use a color method where
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Toddler Socialization with Other Toddlers

by T Akery October 3rd, 2013| Behavior, Preschool
It can be easy for parents to fall into a routine with their toddlers. But it is important that this routine also allows for some playtime with other toddlers. This is a crucial social skill that will help them when they do start school. You don't have to take
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How to Help Your Preschooler with Anger

by T Akery September 3rd, 2013| Behavior, Preschool
At some point during preschool, your preschooler will become angry at another child. Whether it is not wanting to share a toy or wanting to spend more time on the playground, your preschooler will have to learn how to deal with their anger at the situation. You may not
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Addressing Social Anxiety About Preschool

by T Akery July 11th, 2013| Behavior, Preschool
Starting preschool can be intimidating for your preschooler. This is especially true if they are very shy socially. Those first few weeks can be very difficult. It may lead to meltdowns at the door or excuses not to go. They may not want to talk to teachers or play