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Preschool Angels Turning Into Troublemakers

by T Akery | April 1st, 2014 | Behavior, Preschool

poutPreschoolers can be little angels at times. They show off their artwork, they make things for siblings. Most of the time, they even remember their manners. But at some point, they can turn into little troublemakers. When they do, it is often a test of parenting. It can be frustrating for parents who question themselves about how they are raising their babies. However, it is also a very normal stage of testing the boundaries. This boundary testing stage is one of many that they will go through before they are out of the house.

So, it is important to remember a couple of things and eventually the stage will end.

The first thing to remember is to be consistent in your statements. Make sure you are following through on your time outs and your taking away of toys. It is important that you reinforce their boundaries and that they understand the consequences of their actions. Sure, they may have to go into time out for the same thing 10 times. But if you don’t have any consistency, then your Preschooler won’t understand their boundaries. Of course if they do it 11 times, you may have to figure out a new approach. So, be flexible enough to understand if something is not working.

You also have to remember to be very patient. Preschoolers are very aware of the stuff that will make you mad. At times, they will push your buttons just to get a reaction. So, if you find yourself becoming too angry with them, step back a little bit and cool down. Then evaluate the situation. It may be they just want some attention.

Make sure to keep up with the positive reinforcement. Even though they will try your patience and parenting skills, they are more apt to repeat behavior that gets them good attention. So, say “Thank you” when they remember their manners or praise them for picking up their toys or coloring properly. This can go a long way toward alleviating some of the trouble they can get into when they want attention for something.

You should also get them medically checked out if there is a drastic change in their behavior beyond a bad day or a tired moment. A dramatic change could signal something is wrong. Sometimes, it is hard for Preschoolers to tell you when they aren’t feeling well and they can’t always articulate that something is wrong.

Address any changes that have taken place. Sometimes, Preschoolers act out because of big changes in their lives that they aren’t dealing with too well. It is important to address these issues with them to help them transition through the process better.

Preschoolers can be angels most of the time. But they can have their times when they turn into troublemakers. At these times, they are testing their boundaries. So, it is important to remember to have patience during these times.

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