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Preschool Cooldowns

by T Akery | December 31st, 2013 | Behavior, Preschool

boy in chairSometimes, preschool can become particularly overwhelming for your preschooler. The parties, the playing and the learning are more than they can handle. While some appear to be ready on the go no matter what the time of day, your preschooler may need a cooldown period afterward to help them handle all the excitement. Even if your preschool has a designated nap time, the end of the day excitement can wind them right back up. So, here are some things you can do to help cool them down after they have gone into overdrive.

The first thing you can do is establish “quiet time” after they come home from preschool. Avoid using the words nap time because some preschoolers will protest the additional nap time. Instead, approach quiet time as a way to unwind.

Avoid getting your preschooler keyed up at this time with television or electronics. The whole purpose is to get them to take a break from the constant stimulation. Instead, incorporate a few books, a comfy chair and a few non-electronic toys for them to chill out with. Remember, they don’t have to take a nap but they do need that time out from the noise and distractions. A few crayons and some paper will not detract from this time.

Try to make it their time. Try to keep out siblings who may want to play or who want the attention for themselves. Siblings are certainly a distraction and your preschooler will need a break from them as well. It may help to establish a quiet time for everybody in the family even if you have a teenager that might protest at the notion.

While many preschoolers have fun and exciting days, they need some time to take it easy after preschool. Just like winding down after work, your preschooler also needs time to wind down after preschool.

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