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How to Help Your Preschooler with Anger

by T Akery | September 3rd, 2013 | Behavior, Preschool

My son Miguel making a fussAt some point during preschool, your preschooler will become angry at another child. Whether it is not wanting to share a toy or wanting to spend more time on the playground, your preschooler will have to learn how to deal with their anger at the situation. You may not know how your preschooler is going to react until a note gets sent home. But making sure they can deal properly with their emotions at home will help them deal with the times when they do get mad at school.

The first step in showing them how to deal with their anger is to show your own methods of controlling your anger. Your preschooler is still at the monkey see, monkey do stage. They will imitate you in regards to how you show your anger. If you yell and lash out, they will too. Only it will be at preschool at the worst possible time. So, you really have to be careful in your reaction to your own anger.

The next step is to discuss appropriate means for controlling anger, such as walking away, taking deep breaths, singing a song or counting to a specific number. You should do this every time your Preschooler becomes angry at something at home. Keep reinforcing the idea of how to deal with the anger in such a manner. But you may have to wait a little until your preschooler calms down and then have the discussion. Discuss what they could have done differently in managing their anger. Make sure to praise them the times they do manage to control their anger properly.

Another step you can take is to do a play simulation about when people become angry and how they deal with that anger. It is important to stress the proper and improper techniques to controlling anger. These lessons will help reinforce these methods of anger control in your preschooler.

Take the time to let your preschooler discover the best method for them to calm down. Your preschooler is an individual and their method of calming down may be a little different from yours. If your preschooler isn’t that familiar with their numbers, counting might not be a good option — whereas if they love to sing, a calming song they can sing might be a better option. Whatever works is really the best method.

There are many ways of dealing with anger. Your Preschooler has many options they can use to calm them down. If they use these methods to control their anger, there won’t be those notes from school.

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