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Another Trip to the ER

by Ronald A. Rowe January 12th, 2010| Elementary
The one certainty in parenting is that anything can happen. Some days just don't end up the way you thought they would. Case in point: when I got up Thursday morning, I never imagined that it would be almost 36 hours before I saw home again. If I'd known,

The After Christmas Return Rush!

by Jacob P. January 7th, 2010| Elementary, Preschool, Teen Perspective, Teens
Every year, after Christmas, families rush to the mall to return unwanted, unloved, or duplicate gifts. Now, this seems normal, but many kids don't tell you what they really dislike, and others are just rude when they tell you this.

Many kids don't tell anyone if they received an item

Road Trip DOs and DON’Ts

by Louise December 29th, 2009| Elementary, Helpful Hints
Even if gas prices rise or continue to stay high, road trips are a reality for most families. Here are some dos and don'ts to make them as pain-free as possible for every member of the family:

DO - Plan for extra time to stop and take a break. It's

Public or Private School

by TK December 21st, 2009| Elementary
One of the greatest things that parents have to decide is where they can send their child to school. In many cases in the U.S., the decision already is made for them as their financial situation dictates that they have to attend the local public school. But for a lot
I can open it

Christmas Is Coming

by Ronald A. Rowe December 7th, 2009| Elementary, Helpful Hints
Christmas is coming, just around the corner. That means that it is time to begin the age-old tradition of begging for every toy shown on every commercial. Just when my older son finally has grown out of it, my younger son has taken up the mantel and asks
bday cupcake

How Old Is Old Enough?

by Ronald A. Rowe November 25th, 2009| Elementary, Helpful Hints
One of the many daunting challenges of parenting is knowing when a child is old enough to [fill in the blank]. Dating, riding the bus, walking to the store alone, seeing a PG movie, having a sleepover, playing sports... there seems no end to the list of topics that

Singin’ in the Rain

by Louise November 23rd, 2009| Elementary
Not too many years ago, parents might have had trouble keeping their kids entertained (and not climbing on the walls) when it was raining outside. With all of today's electronics, a rainy day does not seem to present itself as a problem anymore. Children have computer games, board games, video

TV, Movie, and Music Choices: From the Teen’s View

by Jacob P. November 18th, 2009| Elementary, Teen Perspective, Teens
These days, all over the TV, music, and movies, there is content inappropriate for most children to see, hear, or watch. This is true, but there are many parents who go overboard on "protecting" their child.

First off, I am going to give you the basic run down on American movie

what to tell them

by Ronald A. Rowe November 11th, 2009| Elementary, Helpful Hints
When tragedy strikes, as it did this past week in Fort Hood and Orlando, what do you tell your child? How much information is too much? When they're small, these things can go right past them without a second thought. But as they get older, they are bound to
Grass Play

All-Star Sports

by Ronald A. Rowe November 4th, 2009| Elementary
Kids love to play. Organized sports leagues offer an opportunity to harness that love of play and the unbridled energy of youth in a positive manner. But not all sports leagues are created equally.

Turning your child over to a stranger's care for a a few hours each week

Getting Together With Friends…

by Jacob P. October 28th, 2009| Elementary, Infants/Toddlers, Preschool, Teen Perspective, Teens
As a teen or kid, having and getting together with friends is very important and crucial to growing up properly.

There are many benefits to having kids get together with friends. First of all, this helps kids build social skill that they will need throughout life. Secondly, friends are fun, and


by Ronald A. Rowe October 23rd, 2009| Elementary, Helpful Hints
Chess is a game of concentration and strategy. There is no luck, no chance roll of the dice. It teaches children valuable skills in critical thinking, planning ahead, and sportsmanship. And from a grown-up's perspective, it's a lot more fun than playing Pokémon cards or Sorry.

Here are some of the