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by Greg Cote August 10th, 2009| Elementary
Perhaps you have considered homeschooling, or maybe you aren't sure what is required of families that homeschool. To learn more about some of the benefits and requirements of homeschooling, watch this video interview.

laptop (2)

Is the Internet Safe for Children?

by Joe Lawrence August 6th, 2009| Elementary
We live in a time where anything can be learned almost instantly...the Information Age. If I want to learn how something works, the rules to a game or even diagnose myself when I feel sick, I hop onto the Internet. There are sites that teach you anything and allow you

The Swine Flu

by Ronald A. Rowe July 30th, 2009| Elementary
It started innocently enough. The three year old, Lex, who normally has enough energy to power a small city, was pooped out. "Everyone gets tired," I said, "even our little Energizer Bunny." My lovely wife was unconvinced.

The next day he had a fever. Up to 103 it went. "He's got
kid fight

How to Prevent Kids from Fighting

by Gumer Liston July 28th, 2009| Elementary
Fighting among siblings or playmates is a natural part of being a child. If you think that it is not right for a child to sometimes pick a fight with one of his siblings or playmates, then you are quite wrong. Fights are part and parcel of being a child,

Summer on a Dime

by Ronald A. Rowe July 21st, 2009| Elementary
Kids love summertime and the freedom it brings. Moms, not so much. Finding ways to entertain the children all day can be taxing on mom and on the budget. But there are some ways to take the strain off both.

A number of restaurants offer free kids meals

Room Changing: From the Teen’s View

by Jacob P. July 16th, 2009| Elementary, Teen Perspective, Teens
Recently, I was offered a larger room because I am the oldest and Ihave the smallest room in the house. I currently am debating if I should take the offer, but I am almost positive I will. So, I thought, what are some good room change guidelines and ideas?

Here are

Ice Age 3

by Ronald A. Rowe July 9th, 2009| Elementary
Has Hollywood lost its collective mind? I keep lowering my expectations, and they keep slithering underneath. I'm already irritated by the early reports that Transformers 2 contains some sexuality that just isn't appropriate for the audience that should be going to see the film (like my 8 year old. How

What to Watch?

by Ronald A. Rowe June 25th, 2009| Elementary
One constant battle that we face in our house is trying to decide what movies and shows are appropriate for our eight year old. Commercials, print ads, and his friends constantly are bombarding our son with previews of TV shows, DVDs, and movies.

My wife strongly prefers to preview the

Teach Your Child How to Deal with Anger

by Gumer Liston June 23rd, 2009| Elementary, Infants/Toddlers, Preschool
It is natural for young kids to sometimes show strong emotions (like anger) and destructive behavior when things do not go their way. As parents, we need to know how to teach our kids the different ways of dealing with anger. Anger should be released, but it should be in

Teach Your Child the Value of Saving

by Gumer Liston June 16th, 2009| Elementary, Infants/Toddlers, Preschool
It is important to teach your child the value of saving early in his life. If he understands the value of saving, it could make a very big difference in his life, in his future. Here are some ways to teach your child how to save:

You can start with a

Summer Fitness & Kids

by Michele June 16th, 2009| Elementary
Summer vacation either has arrived or is right around the corner. While it is important that children get some sort of exercise daily, it also is important to take precautions when the temperatures are hot. I was able to speak with Diane King, Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics and Certified

Babysitting: From the Teen’s View

by Jacob P. June 11th, 2009| Elementary, Infants/Toddlers, Teen Perspective, Teens

Recently, I received my babysitting license from the Red Cross, so I have begun babysitting, and I, like many teens, am so glad I can babysit!

Like many entrepreneurial teens,I have begun babysitting. First, I started working for family but soon learned that I would make more money with a