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Ice Age 3

by Ronald A. Rowe | July 9th, 2009 | Elementary

picHas Hollywood lost its collective mind? I keep lowering my expectations, and they keep slithering underneath. I’m already irritated by the early reports that Transformers 2 contains some sexuality that just isn’t appropriate for the audience that should be going to see the film (like my 8 year old. How cool are cars that turn into giant robots when you’re 8?). But at least that carries a PG-13, so it’s kind of buyer beware there.

The thing that’s got me worked up today is Ice Age 3. Have you seen the previews for this movie? In two 30 second commercials, they managed to squeeze in two penis references and some really inappropriate sexual innuendo. I can’t imagine what the whole film is like.

In case you haven’t seen the commercials, they feature the familiar stars of the first two movies. In one ad, the sloth mistakes the baby mammoth’s tail for an enormous penis. In the other, two male characters argue about a “tingly feeling” one gets when in physical contact with the other. Let the hilarity ensue.

I’m not super-prude dad or anything. Really, I’m not. But what is wrong with the people in Hollywood that they think this is OK to show kids? Little children like Ice Age. This isn’t for teens, or even tweens. This is, at least this should be, for the 4-10 year old crowd.

Ice Age was a great family film. I enjoyed it as an adult, and my kids loved it. We have the two-disc special edition. I’ve seen it at least a dozen times with my sons. Never once in the entire film did the sloth resort to a penis joke for laughs.

I thought the second Ice Age film was OK. There were a few things that just didn’t need to be in there. The scene where one of the beasties exclaims “Damn!” as a dam bursts leaps to mind. That sort of thing just doesn’t have to be there. The kids don’t need to be taught about curse words in children’s movies. I send them to public school for that.

  1. idosmalltalk says:

    I would so love a director or producer to respond to your challenge.

    I totally agree, there needs to be boundaries. I took my kids to a different animated movie last year and our local cinema showed seriously age restricted bloody movie cuts that had my 6 year-old daughter cowering behind the chair in front of her.

    We need a ‘parents who care’ union!

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  3. Aura Finken says:

    Hello, I like the Madagaskar movies, super animation!

  4. Trip Ace says:

    I didn’t even bother to watch Ice Age 3 and from what I hear I’m glad I didn’t! I’ve seen both Madagascars and they are not much better than Ice Age – surely it’s picture perfect quality and and exellent animation, but the morals are missing. The old lady kicks a lion in the groin – totally unacceptable. It seems theese days that any reference to male genitals in animated movies are acceptable now, I doubt we wil ever see the same reference to female genitals in movies for kids, such as a woman getting kicked in the groin or her nibbles twisted.
    So, is it worth it letting our children be brainwashed by some perverted animators who may be pedofile? I think not. Ignore the movie trailers, cause when someone makes three versions of the same movie (Ice Age) they are only thinking: KA-CHING!!! and not about morals.

  5. Pasha says:

    Ice Age was a very good movie which I enjoyed with my kids, I can’t understand what was going through the mind of the producer when they were doing Ice Age 3, definitely not for children.

    I am not interested in watching ice Age 4 if that ever comes out. This is no longer a family fun time.

  6. Bob says:

    I liked the movie!
    It was far funnier than the rest of them….but they could have toned down the pervy jokes. 🙂

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