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Archives for November 2014

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When Tweens Test Limits

by Ronald A. Rowe November 27th, 2014| Behavior, Tweens
Tweens test limits.  That’s just what they do.  From the best behaved to the most trying, they all test the limits of their freedom in one way or another.  It’s all a natural part of a child’s development.  Tweens are growing up and learning to distinguish themselves from the
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When is it Safe to Move to the Front Seat?

by Ronald A. Rowe November 26th, 2014| Elementary, Safety
Car safety is an important consideration with any child.  Car seats are recommended for children up to age 8.  The biggest problem that we encountered with enforcing this rule was that so many of our children’s friends were allowed to ditch the seat early.  We’ve all had the “All
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How to Get Your Preschooler to Behave

by R. Carnavale November 25th, 2014| Preschool, Social
You do a lot for your preschooler -- providing food, shelter, clothing, education, sleep, recreation and other opportunities to grow and learn. In addition, you need to teach him good behavior -- how to treat others so that he can get along with people in this world; the difference
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Genetic Disorders: You and Your Unborn Child

by R. Carnavale November 24th, 2014| Pregnancy
There's the true story of a young woman who was expecting a child, had a successful delivery and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Early on, it became clear that something was very wrong with the baby -- she gradually started to lose her eyesight, became deaf and
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Communicating with Your Teen

by Jennifer S. Rowe November 21st, 2014| Communication, Teens
The two words teens and communication for the most part, do not necessarily go together very well, and that is a shame, because it doesn’t always have to be that way. I want to make clear that I am not under the illusion that things are always going to
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Calm Down, Dear: ADHD or Not?

by Lori Sciame November 19th, 2014| Behavior, Elementary
An elementary school teacher recently related that many of his students seem to be hyped up.  They jump up from their seats at the wrong times, they blurt out the answer before the question is completed, and they have trouble waiting their turn.  What's going on?  Is there something
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Teaching Preschoolers About Stranger Danger

by Tania Cowling November 18th, 2014| Preschool, Safety
There are going to be times when you have to take your child on excursions. My main concern when I took my children and now my grandchildren anywhere is safety. With all the stories about kidnapped kids you can’t be too careful.

Children this age are very trusting and we
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Is Your Toddler Still in the MINE Stage?

by Tania Cowling November 17th, 2014| Development, Infants/Toddlers
Do you have problems with your toddler sharing at play dates? Are you dealing with territorial battles? Problems with sharing are part of normal development in toddlers, but parents can foster sharing skills in young children with a few learning opportunities and offering praise along the way. Since toddlers
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Losing a Close Relative

by Sam P. November 14th, 2014| Teen Perspective, Teens
The sad fact is that by the time we are sixteen the majority of kids have lost a close loved one, whether it be an aunt, uncle, grandparent, or even a parent.  When a situation like this occurs, people expect you to cry, or to lash out, but people
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Rites of Passage

by Ronald A. Rowe November 13th, 2014| Social, Tweens
I had what you would call an “awakening” this Halloween and it was somewhat alarming to me since it involved my thirteen year old son. Now we don’t take this holiday too terribly seriously.   Let’s face it: the kids want candy and fun costumes! The one thing that was
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How to Tame Your Preschooler’s Tantrums

by R. Carnavale November 11th, 2014| Behavior, Preschool
As a parent, there's nothing more frustrating than when your preschooler suddenly erupts into a temper tantrum filled with shrieking, crying, kicking and throwing himself onto the ground. You're likely to feel out of control, angry and embarrassed, especially if you're in public. Though the "tantrum phase" is a
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Baby Monitors for Safety & Peace of Mind

by R. Carnavale November 10th, 2014| Pregnancy
If you're like many soon-to-be moms, you probably are thinking about all of the ways you can prepare to make your home safe for your new baby. Unless you plan on keeping your baby with you wherever you go in your home and yard, you'll want to be able