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Archives for December 2012

Tween Girls and Confidence

by Lori Sciame December 13th, 2012| Tweens
Tween girls have it rough. Not only do they experience the scary changes that come along with puberty, they experience mixed messages concerning their role in society. Some may argue that gender stereotypes have gone by the wayside; however, society still can dictate how a young woman should act

The Spirit of Giving in Toddlers

by T Akery December 12th, 2012| Infants/Toddlers
The Christmas season brings excitement, presents and even a little bit of magic for toddlers. While it is obviously fun for them to open up their own presents, they can still experience some of the feelings of learning a little bit about giving. You can help your toddler experience

A Wish List for Teachers

by Lori Sciame December 11th, 2012| Elementary
Parents of elementary age children often wonder what to give teachers during the holiday season. An apple tree ornament? An inspirational plaque? Or maybe a new pen and pencil set? Sound boring? It is! This year, instead of buying something your child's favorite teacher will never use, opt instead

Taking Advantage of Opportunities: Teen’s View

by Jacob P. December 10th, 2012| Teen Perspective, Teens
I am beginning the initial stages of applying to St. Paul's Advanced Studies Program, a prestigious academic summer camp open to high school students from New Hampshire during the summer between 11th and 12th grade. During the initial meeting at my high school, where students with qualifying

Good News Items for Moms-to-Be

by Jane Wangersky December 7th, 2012| Pregnancy
Moms-to-be can always use some good news to balance all the warnings they get from the media and other well-intentioned (?) sources, so I've collected some mostly positive info items about pregnancy from all over the world. Some are recent, some hold true for every winter or year-round:

Though the

The Power of Tweens

by Ronald A. Rowe December 6th, 2012| Tweens
Do not underestimate the power of tweens. The term tween was coined by Madison Avenue marketing types because it sounds a lot cooler than "pre-adolescents". It wasnt because the advertising gurus of the world were concerned about the physical and psychological development of your child. It was because they

Stocking Stuffers for Preschoolers

by T Akery December 5th, 2012| Preschool
With Christmastime approaching, your preschooler is about halfway through the year. But if you aren't too keen on filling up their stocking full of sugar, there are a few things that will fit in their stocking that will help them finish out the school year. Most of these aren't

High Schools Sports: One Gender Acceptance?

by Sam P. December 4th, 2012| Teen Perspective, Teens
In high school there are numerous school teams that you can join. Most larger schools have more teams varying from dance to lacrosse, but most smaller schools have only a few teams like football and a cheer squad. When you think about high school sports you think of football

Predicament: Order of Operations

by Editorial Team December 3rd, 2012| Parenting Predicament
My first-grader has decided he wants to learn division. We've been doing things like dividing marbles among muffin tins, but should we go any farther, or will it interfere with his understanding of addition and subtraction?