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The Spirit of Giving in Toddlers

by T Akery | December 12th, 2012 | Infants/Toddlers

The Christmas season brings excitement, presents and even a little bit of magic for toddlers. While it is obviously fun for them to open up their own presents, they can still experience some of the feelings of learning a little bit about giving. You can help your toddler experience the joy of giving with these ideas.

Making Christmas Presents

Homemade Christmas presents from your toddler to family members are a good way to get them involved in giving. Let them pick the project they want to make for each family member. Your toddler can make cards, ornaments, or Christmas decorations. If you have a lot of family members, then help them make an all-inclusive project that can be displayed for all to see.

Charity Giving

One of the hardest things for toddlers is giving up a toy for a good cause. This concept is difficult to explain. But it can made easier if you explain that they are helping out another child. Be patient with this one. It may take some time and preparation before they get used to the idea.

Set the Example

Toddlers often watch their parents. Set the example by showing them how fun it is to give. The whole idea is to show enjoyment at giving even if it you aren’t really in the mood to show that emotion. Encourage siblings to also show a certain enthusiasm for this task.

Set Up a Toddler Gift Exchange

Exchanging gifts with other toddlers will help reinforce the spirit of giving. The rewards about giving are a little more immediate. However, this can be a little tricky to pull off. The best way to tackle this is to throw a little party, set up a maximum gift budget such as a dollar. Wait until the end of the party to exchange gifts to prevent fits of jealousy and tantrums.

You can help your toddlers embrace the spirit of giving this holiday season. Help them make their own presents and show them how much fun it is to give something to someone else. After all, the spirit of giving is a part of the magic of Christmas and the holiday season.

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