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Archives for September 2012

How to Survive High School

by Sam P. September 28th, 2012| Teen Perspective, Teens
Being a ripe high schooler glowing with freshness I may not know everything there is to know about surviving high school, but I do know quite a bit already.

First off, go to your locker between every class. In my grade there are numerous kids who do not even use

Helping Tween Girls with Their Period

by T Akery September 27th, 2012| Tweens
This is a very sensitive topic for parents. No one wants to think that their little girl is growing up. Yet, many girls are starting their periods at about the time they become a tween. For whatever reason, their body has decided it was time. So while it isn't

Capture the Memories

by Ronald A. Rowe September 26th, 2012| Elementary
This week we're going to do something a little different. There are no helpful hints, no clever parenting tips, no deep insights. All I've got is a simple exhortation for you to make an effort to capture the memories of your child's... childhood.

This really came about just today as

Birth Plans: What, Why, and How

by Jane Wangersky September 25th, 2012| Pregnancy
A birth plan is a short document stating your preferences in choices you have during labor and just after the birth. It can be very useful to have these written down in one place, and not just for your own reference. As Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn (byPenny Simkin,

Predicament: Correct a Child’s Reading?

by Editorial Team September 24th, 2012| Parenting Predicament
When my child is reading something aloud and gets a word wrong, should I correct it right away?

Solution:What Do I Tell Kids to Do if They See Bullying?

by Editorial Team September 21st, 2012| Parenting Predicament
What should I tell my kids to do if they see someone being bullied at school? I don't want them jumping into fights, but I don't want them just to ignore it either, and I definitely don't want them standing and watching.

"Be sure to talk to the child about

Car Smarts for Preschoolers

by Lori Sciame September 20th, 2012| Preschool
You love your preschooler with all your heart. You couldn't imagine anything happening to this precious little person, the child you have nurtured since he or she came into this world. Why, then, do so many parents ignore teaching little ones about car safety? If more parents would teach

Helping Toddlers Understand Food Allergies

by T Akery September 19th, 2012| Infants/Toddlers
Allergies are a problem in many kids. While they might outgrow some of their allergies, some of them stick around well into adulthood. It can be hard to convey the need to stay away from certain things for toddlers. It takes a lot of vigilance and lot of repetition

Punishment Systems: From the Teen’s View

by Jacob P. September 18th, 2012| Teen Perspective, Teens
Over the last six months or so, my parents have been installing a new "punishment system." Although that sounds like a Fascist judicial system, it is just how I mentally refer to the ways my parents handle different infractions. The new "system"' seems to be complete, so I thought

Learning by Doing

by Lori Sciame September 17th, 2012| Elementary
Put yourself in the shoes of an elementary school child who must sit still for the great part of the school day -- listening to a teacher lecture on one subject after another -- with no hands-on learning.

Thankfully, school districts across the nation have accepted the fact that children

Your Preschooler’s Heroes

by T Akery September 14th, 2012| Preschool
Your preschooler naturally looks up to their heroes. Sometimes, they will even imitate them. But if you find yourself tiring of Spongebob or another cartoon character, you can introduce some new real life heroes into their lives. It may take a little planning and a field trip, but these

Tweens and Politics

by Ronald A. Rowe September 13th, 2012| Tweens
The Tween years often mark the beginning of an interest in politics. Unfortunately, for many children that means simply parroting and embellishing upon what they have heard from their parents. We all want to pass on our opinions and perspectives to our children but we should also want them