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Your Preschooler’s Heroes

by T Akery | September 14th, 2012 | Preschool

Your preschooler naturally looks up to their heroes. Sometimes, they will even imitate them. But if you find yourself tiring of Spongebob or another cartoon character, you can introduce some new real life heroes into their lives. It may take a little planning and a field trip, but these heroes always welcome preschoolers coming to discover what a real life hero does.

Fire Station

Your preschool may already have a trip to the fire station planned. But if your preschooler is clamoring for more or there is none planned, you can easily plan a trip to your local fire station. You do want to call ahead to find out if the trucks are in the station. For preschoolers, the trucks are the most interesting part of the fire station. If you plan ahead, sometimes they may even let your child hold the hose or sound the horns. Just be aware that calls can happen anytime, so they may need to take off before the tour is over. But that action can be exciting as well.

Police Station

The police station is another place you can tour with your preschooler. Again, you want to call ahead so that there is someone readily available to take them on a child-friendly tour. Depending on what is planned, they may get to sound the sirens or talk on the radio.

Animal Hospital

Your preschooler’s hero doesn’t have to help just people. For those preschoolers that love animals, a tour of the local animal hospital is an ideal place to get a look at helping them. While the biggest draw is the pets, there are plenty of other things to hold interest. Once again, you want to call ahead so that someone is available and to make certain there is nothing too traumatic in the waiting room.

The Park Ranger

Park Rangers also have interesting jobs that will fascinate your preschooler. Call ahead to set up a tour of the park. Even if the animals are stuffed, there is still a lot to learn and explore.

There are many heroes for preschoolers that don’t include a cartoon character. Introducing these heroes will expand your preschooler’s boundaries. Additionally, your preschooler might find being a firefighter, a police officer, a vet or a ranger more exciting than what is on television.

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