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Helping Tween Girls with Their Period

by T Akery | September 27th, 2012 | Tweens

This is a very sensitive topic for parents. No one wants to think that their little girl is growing up. Yet, many girls are starting their periods at about the time they become a tween. For whatever reason, their body has decided it was time. So while it isn’t something that a parent wants to deal with, biologically things may be moving faster than expected.

One of the first things you should do is to take her to a female doctor. Yes, it seems a little discriminatory. But most female tweens will connect better with a female doctor than a male one. While discussing what happens during a period is certainly within a parent’s realm, you do want to make certain that there isn’t an underlying cause, especially if you have a family history of female problems. Your tween may also need some type of medication to help with the symptoms especially if they seem to interfere with the things they are doing.

To avoid accidents at school, pack an extra set of clothing to for stashing in their locker or to keep in their backpack. This way your tween can change if things don’t go as planned. You can also stash extra supplies.  This will make things easier if they do start without notice. Make sure they are familiar with how to use the extra supplies. Don’t expect your tween suddenly to figure out how to use a tampon when all she has been using are pads.

Plan a meeting with your tween’s favorite female teacher to discuss a plan of action. It isn’t the most comfortable situation and can be a highly embarrassing conversation for your tween. However, it helps to have someone in school that they can go to if problems arise or when they need something. Even if you get a call from the school, the teacher can prevent a more embarrassing situation from happening.

Invest in a cool and trendy over-sized bag that they can take with them for outings when they won’t be home for a long period of time. Include a change of clothing and extra supplies. They can be hidden at the bottom. Just having that security will take away some of the stress of worrying about whether or not their period is going to make an appearance.

Finally, remember she’s still only a tween. Her body may have developed but her mind is still that of a tween. She is  going to have problems regarding her body image, dealing with what to tell her peers and just handling the entire situation. She is  going to be scared and embarrassed. Just be patient with her while she tries to cope with these feelings. Don’t be afraid to get help if she needs it. It will take time for you and your tween to become accustomed to these changes.

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